Cracking midsole

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Go to Home Depot. Buy some silicon caulk. Squeeze it around it and it'll be as good as new

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Dip shoes in wet cement. Let cement dry. Throw shoes in the lake. Problem solved.
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Sole swap time.

I got a pair of black metallic silver Vs from 2000 that I never got around to wearing that cracked on me.

Also needing a sole swap.

I'm thinking of just throwing them up on ebay with no reserve and letting someone who has the ability to do the swap cop em.
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View media item 1574648My 99's are beginning to crack, what do i do? Do i have to midsole swap? Is there a way to go around the crack?
microwave on high for 45-60 seconds

this will cause the foam within the midsole to be become malleable again.

wrap tightly in plastic wrap and place in a cool dry place for 3 - 4 days and do not move them. 

That method is by far the cheapest, and obv you dont have to go about the trouble of finding a donor pair, and deal with repainting the midsole. 
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Never forget the time I went to go see Spike Lee at the ASU gammage when my '99 white/cement IVs imploded on me on the way in.


I just kept it moving, I wasn't trying to be late. Wasn't even worth going in retrospect, Spike a jerkoff in real life.

Luckily I had some beaters in the trunk I was able to change into after the speaking engagement, but that walk of shame coming out of the gammage with my shoes crumbling with every step was too real.

:smh: :lol:
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how will they come out of the microwave, and do i wrap them in plastic and then into the microwave or plasric after the microwave
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