Custom IV's

looks kinda sloppy and maybe if u add a lil more blue like on the wing or suttin cuz there kinda plain
little plain....add more blue and then clean up where the blue meets the white.....then they will look better.
I think it came out sloppy myself. I taped them off the best I could with easy remove painter tape. I thought about painting the wings blue, along with the heel around the Jumpman. Any advice as how to clean up the slop? I never really wore these much, so I can't say I ruined them. This was very time consuming and not as easy as I thought going into.
i want to know myself how to do it clean. everytime i pull off the painter tape, it pulls off some of the paint off the shoe. I tried it without tape, recommended from raydio5 and it came out cleaner, but i still hit some parts of the shoe.
I did not have a problem peeling the tape. The problem I had was paint getting onto the shoe itself just above the midsole. I am going to work on this some more, I want it to look right.
The blue looks good, silver is kinda sloppy...good try though

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Not really feelin it, but nice try
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