Da Bronx **Appreciation**

Apr 14, 2007
On Niketalk da bx is never talked about like we dont have everything from Fordam rd to 3rd ave to the bronx zoo plus we have all types of resturants and all cultures living all in one borough what do n'ters like out "Da BX"
@#%$ it, Appreciated... And I'm from Long Island... Ain't @#%$ poppin out here
Bx boro...too thoro.

Third Ave
Southern Blvd
Co-op City
Choca Beach
Jankee Stadium
OJay cabs
Pelham Bay
Van Courtlandt
Dirty Cops
Highest Murder rate in NYC
Fake Bloods
Albanian women
Free wednesdays at the Bronx Zoo
Drunk Fordham U students stumbling around with fat wallets
Bronx Rats
Undiscovered STDS
The 2,4,5 trains
Crotona Park
Danny Almonte...the real one
Baseball tournaments
Rule of law similar to Iraq
Dope fiends sobering up after 30 years simply because they ran out of veins
PSAL centers
Did I mention Puerto Rican women?
Spofford Juvenile facility
2 out of 5 kids are foster children
24/7 check chasing
Crackhead discounts
Good Ole Juvenile asthma
Skate Key
Sin City
Players Club
Bada Bing
Weed spots on Creston
City Island
Jimmy Bronx Cafe
Stick up kids
Boston Road
News 12
Channel 68
Sexxx Boogie
The X Bar
Hunts Point
Agressive Bums
Least likely place in NYC to be hit with a terrorist attack

The forgotten borough....stand up!

Higher Heights.
I'm not tring to turn this post into the war of the boroughs but the bronx gets it poppin more than any borough brooklyn all you guys do is act all wearing baggy jeans and shirts.Queens the quiey borough with pretty houses lol. Staten Island who ever goes over there to do anything lol.Manhattan to crowded to much noise alot of buisness.Da Boogie is where everything started and it stays poppin espically da clubs
I went to high school there. It's the dirtiest borough of all 5. It seemed like they picked up the garbage once a week.
Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story...The Tale of Locker 22.
Im from Gun Hill Rd/Eastchester love the BX. Where the rest of the BX representatives from?
Hanging wit' the fellas don't pay the bills,
and being broke and 30 give a fella the chills.....
I lived in Queens for 7 years... 211th and Jamaice

BK for 5...Pacific and Bergen

The BX for 11....Boston and Prospect

Queens is buns.

Most boring, sweetest, nothing to do, middle class kids faking the funk, boondock looking, crappiest train lines borough in NYC.

Y'all got some females(stuck-up) and Jamacia ave...plus Hollis, South Side, Lefrak and QB get it poppin...but other than that...its a bunch of spoiled teenagers living in 700K homes with both parents, who just decide that sellign crack and holding rachets seems like the in thing to do.

I hate Queens with a passion.
Higher Heights.
The Cross Bronx
Grand Concourse
Dominican parade
Hostos College
Lehman College
If your'e not tough....your'e moving out
Highest concentration of Chinese Take Out spots and Liquor stores on Earth
Gangsta Jehovah Witness members
Highest car insurance premiums in America
Being cool with the PR cats that cause the Car Insurance to be so high
Puerto Rican women
Desperate MILFS
An economy powered by government aide
Sammys fashion
An abundance of Insurance related fire sales
Low rent
No hipsters

Higher Heights.
I'm not from NYC at all, but I was always made to think that Harlem is where everything starts, and eventually spreads out through the rest of the bouroughs?
"Let me explain something to you. Um, I am not "Mr. Lebowski". You're Mr. Lebowski. I'm the Dude. So that's what you call me. You know, that or, uh, His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing."​
^o so u must go to spellman.Na bronx starts alot of things harlem just takes it and things to it. Da bronx runs NY.
lived in bedford, then to riverdale, then back to bedford....got better...wished i moved back to riverdale
damn stick up kids....
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