Dallas Mavericks VS Denver Nuggets Game 5 5/13 8:00 Central

Joined Jan 13, 2005
Didn't see a game thread so I'll make one.

I'm about to leave and get on a flight to Denver! I went to game 4 in Dallas, hopefully my luck stays with the team. Dirk needs to carry this team on hisback again.

Lets Go Mavs!
Joined Jul 22, 2001
Should be a good game. I dont see Denver losin again to Dallas on their home floor. TNT get the "gone fishin" PS ready.
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mav's got stomped both times in Denver, I don't see them being able to last tonight. but who knows. can dirk drop 40 again? I'm guessing no. canHoward come to play again? I'm guessing no. is Denver going to be fired up tonight at home? I'm absolutely positive of that. if the Birdman is flying,the mavs will be cryin'. K is not having 2 bad games in a row either. I think we'll see the Denver that we saw in the first two games again tonight.
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the series is OVER.

Mavs fans, getcha night crawlers and tackleboxes stocked.
it's trout season.


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Nene needs to play better, LK needs to stay on the bench, and the team needs to stop missing so many free throws.
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yeah free throws were the killer in game 4. that was somewhat uncharacteristic. we aren't a great FT shooting team, but we're not normally that bad...Nene and Kenyon both need to have a better game. Birdman needs to play, he is damn near the heart of the team. LK needs to keep his seat warm. we got thistonight. we are great at home.
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Dallas points in the paint:

Bird in:

Game 1 - 30
Game 2 - 34
Game 3 - 34

Bird out:

Game 4 - 42

Dirk's points per game:

Bird in:

Game 1 - 28
Game 2 - 35
Game 3 - 33

Bird out:

Game 4 - 44

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Go Denver....I hope the Birdman comes back and plays!
Stick it to Cuban's sorry ***...
Denver's fans need to be all over Cuban as well.
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nene missed X amount of layups in game 4...kenyon didnt do anything and birdman was out...if there is anything close to an inside presence today..the series isover
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too bad Cuban won't be there. I was hoping to see Birdman swat one of Howard's layups right into his face and give him a black eye. lol.
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Joey Crawford is the lead official tonight... And we all know he's notorious for not putting up with any BS or taking crap from players...
It'llbe interesting to see how quickly he tries to assert authority in this game should the Mavs/Nuggets get in a scuffle, which only seems inevitable at thispoint...
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Dirk will make kenyon his female dog again ,along with anybody else who attempts to guard him. But he wont get any help, denver wins by 10
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Originally Posted by TeeOh Owens

Dirk will make kenyon his female dog again ,along with anybody else who attempts to guard him. But he wont get any help, denver wins by 10

which pretty much sums up the entire series

dirk have been balling this whole series

the fact is denver has a whole dirk stopper roster but so far non of them can guard him

but who knows what is going to happen, if ericka sits out then mavs have a 40% chance of winning
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