davey5737's 10 mo. collection post

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alright so heres the story. i got into shoes back in high school when i was about 14, then stopped, had most of my stuff thrown away by my parents (only pairs that survived were the flint xii and the white af1's). im 20 now (one month to 21 thank god), and last may i was at my friends place and saw he had a pair of carolina v's. i offered to buy and got them for $50. well theyre fake, but i couldnt tell the first time i saw them and ive kept them just because theyre the reason i got back into the game (i dont wear them). anyway, everything i own is a size 12 (with the exception of the 11.5 af1), and currently im at college but i work whenever i go home to support my habits (shoes being just one of many). now on to the "collection," not too big, but again its only been 10 months and i am constantly buying more shoes. my favorite shoe is the air jordan iii, but recently ive been looking more for air maxes and sb dunks because my 3's just peel when i wear them (when i took these pictures, i noticed the paint on my cements chipping, i took them off ice just last week
). also there are 5 or so pairs not pictured which are at home, but theyre just old team jordans and air maxes. anyway, i buy what i like, i wear everything, if it doesnt get worn then i try to sell or trade. only ds pair are the motorsports. enjoy, any comments/feedback welcome

beaters, sb's, air max, asics, etc.
adidas climacool indoor, sala indoor, supra vega, supra cruizer, batman sb, fender sb
asics ultimate 81x4, iron sb, mf doom sb
puma something, david z x asics gel lyte, af1, safari am1, patta am1, neon am95

carolina v, flint xii, carolina xii, og taxi xii, 09 space jam
green bean v, chrome viii, flint vii, ms vi, varsity vi
grape v, 01 tb iii, military iv, cool grey iv, cdp iv
01 tb iii, cement iii, fire red iii, cool grey iii, cdp iii

individual pics of my favorite stuff

and my closet, where everything is stored

Update: new pair 3/31

update 5/2 - bunch of new pairs
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Pics aren't workin for me
**Workin now**

Lots of variety!  Lovin all the 3's and those doom dunks 
Joined Jun 10, 2003
yeah my bad, i did it, then went into photobucket and started moving stuff. so links are fixed, pictures should work now
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Originally Posted by STAYFRESH

nice stuff how do those boxes keep them stored does it slow the yellowin
not really sure i just started using them a few months ago..but my closet isnt really near any light either so im hoping nothing yellows
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