Dec 25, 2006

anyways about kevins comment.. i appreciate his opinion because its usually different then mine thus creating somewhat of a middle ground of some ...anywyas i couldnt possibly compare last summer to this summer..sure i was gettin more radio play..but at the end of the day what is radio play mean..t.i. gets minimal play but damn near went gold in one week...i feel like its about building fans and getting your brand right... thus givin out free mixtapes. show money ..HBO "entourage" money ..endorsement etc. are good im not trippin of a few thousand on a mixtape...the original purpose of mixtape was for promo for the artist ...correct? furthemore im tryna get as many fans as i can get before i sign my major deal...if that means sacrificing bread..ok....its could deem this strategy unconvetional...some may call it who rush or money end up slammin them selves boys rushed there album because of a "hot single" ....58k first goal is to have a career be an artist who has a cult following for years to come as well as the people who are gung ho over whatever single i release secondly
the whole LAST SUMMER> THIS SUMMER thing maybe a bit off...last summer was dig dug in dc its apache x good girls x mark ronson ..ALL OVER THE WORLD !! ladies and gents of NT do you believe this is failure ..or falling off ? i would call this increasing fans.. i would call this a plan well executed....JAYZ KANYE CLIVE DAVIS comin to see you perform at the highline ballroom??? would you call that slipping? last summer it was young dro at the dc/md/va supportes are on board for this ride that is "wale" (pause) now im touring the world with mark ronson! i would say thats pretty good. ON top of that the bidding began a while ago and its a fun experience ..stay tuned to see what happens with that. anyways i appreciate the love im gettin from everybody ..i love the real talk..word to eyesofhazel...i appreciate the "wale aint good" word to IMPORTKILLER..i appreciate the love from all of you all....godwilling one day ill be at the grammys on a blackberry postin to yall..i cant tell you all how much i appreciate the support (mixtape is 5500+ downloads in 3 days ) ..once again i love you all....feel free to hit me on myspace . 1 love


Why does BB always make me laugh?? I dunno. lol

Funny, I was just listening to the mixtape in the ride on my way here to the station. I was gonna comment on what Kev said about the free mixtape thing, but you laid it out here. In some situations, it's actually better to give your stuff out (especially with the RIAA hitting up bammas. A HUGE local clique got their spot raided this week). Sure, Wale could make money in this area selling his joints, but what about in say.....Cali. We all know when some unknown dude walks up to you in the carryout saying "Hey man, buy my joint?" You don't know if you dude wack or not, so most of the time you're not gonna buy a damn thing. If someone hits you with that joint for free though, you gonna check it out. You like it, you gonna tell a friend. It's about winning the fans the best way you can.

As for the mixtape, I hear the growth. I skipped over the go-go influenced tracks cuz no disrespect, kind of like you said, that was last summer Wale. I'm ready to hear something different. And I enjoyed it. Only got up to Bonafied so far, I'll listen to the rest on the way home.
Dear Summer,

People respect me most because, as proven, I dish AND take.

Summer, you know PERSONALLY its all love here; I'm a give it to you the way I got it. That's the only way I know how (word to 7th and Taylor NW). You know this.

Again, I'm a fan (Dk can tell you I bump your music, if that means anything) but I'm critical of everything I do, say, like, and apart of.

For some reason, my comments (when they aren't on some co-signing madness) ALWAYS hit a nerve. Why? I don't know.......................................

But I'm a keep it sincere and thorough and honest with MYSELF and my PEOPLE. Again, you know this.

Ain't nothing new.

But you, Summer :lol:

And Summer, my number hasn't changed in 6 years. I got an e-mail and ezbox that you, Summer, have utilized in the past.

So, if you want something clarified on a comment I made, you know I'm around 24/7 -- Not to fake and argue back and forth, but for sincere convo as usual.

Last time we saw each other, Summer, last time we spoke, Summer, MY ONLY concern was making sure you didn't get @#%$ out of your $$$ IF it wasn't any fault of your own when you were in the 804.

No details needed. Again, you know this.

So, again, thanks for the appreciation and for entertaining the e-folks.

All you've done is given a bunch of hypebeast something to talk about.

"Damn! SUMMER called out "eyes of hazel" on NT? Hold up, WHO THE HELL IS EYES ??? He must be important......."

Not really yung.

Don't believe the hype.

Get ya $$$ Summer
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I actually can appreciate that growth. You're not so much of a DC Rapper now. The Go-Go usage turned out to be a nice spingboard. I'm kinda proud...I remember early last year when I first heard of you through Wootie (R.I.P.)...I had no clue who you were...but he supported you and made me give your music a chance.

The mixtape is nice though...and you might just be a breath of frsh-air for the new music scene in hip-hop...because a lot of new artist right now have little to keep you attentive...I at least have to rewind the CD to analyze what the helI you just said.

Good luck man...Contract me out for an album cover...

Something you'll all appreciate.
awww man..where's Dan at when these posts arise? I thought these were getting deleted on sight..oh well.

I don't post enuff on this forum to know what anything means...

carry on..fall back..raise up and pump ur brakes..and all those other jazzy sayings the kids are saying these days.

can I be a hype boy in one of your videos..but I only pose infront of wicker chairs word to Uptown Kickin It
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i hear you had a meeting with Def Jam that went "well!"
that would be sick if you signed with them!!
carry on..fall back..raise up and pump ur brakes..and all those other jazzy sayings the kids are saying these days.

You can only burn so many bridges until it's not safe on the other side... Stranded...​
*posting from boy's SK3*
(Do we still make this annoucement? Word to 2006. lol)
but for real...whats going on?... im lost

Blue cornerRed Corner :\

THE DREAM TEAM of MD/DC/VA -- ...We don't "act" like we know, we are IN the know...
'TeePeso,' 'Ryan8478,' 'DCShoeDon,' 'JaywhYeNeX,' 'Importking,' 'DCshoechick,' 'ScottScotch,' 'rudolph1996'​
Music HeySeuss vs Sneaker HeySeuss?

Spanish chick grabbed my chain/asked is that HeySeuss

Sorry. That popped in my head when I read that.

Throw some D's on that.............
Kev- One of those MF's better be a 12 with my name on it.
You can only burn so many bridges until it's not safe on the other side... Stranded...​
I'm confused with all this.summer, mf dooms? whats going on in here kevin?

TEAM !00
Doing things One Hunded!
stop using my gov't and tellin me what to do...i'm grown round here...
Team I Heart HarlemToTheBronx
your music is cool Wale, but stop talking about so much materialistic stuff.
every song your talking about how much some sb's cost.

i like the music though.
im bumping good girls rigth now.

and BTW, where can i buy your mixtape at?
or get one at?
hey Wale..can you rap about Lebrons? then we might have something...

ill even hook you with some wild bape colors bruh..

I'm all about the cross promotion.

but why don't u post your Tour schedule in General so all the NTers can know one of their own made it..

They might be alredy listening to you now in LA and Texas fam..

Did I get that right DK?

Fam..Cuz..Son..Boi Boi..Kid. B..Yo..

what does one yaself mean btw?
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"Jigga held ya'll down six summers; damn, where's the love?"

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