Dec 23, 2002

All right, we all are obviosly vying to see the XIX and I thought this would be cool. We have tips and clues but no pics. So the objective is to design the XIX by including and using the tips already given to us. It should be interesting to see how different people can interpret the same things. You should include the elements that have been planned and at the end of the contest, I'll save all of the pictures and when the XIX finally comes out, we can compare the most similar design to the actual production model.


May 11.

CLUES: (credit to KeonClark7 for compiling them)

To sum up all the XIX info:

- "Return of the XI"
- Same patent toe box to XI
- Similar heel to XI
- First colorway Jet-black
- Possible retail: $149
- Lace cover
- Lace cover is a woven like checkered material (Possibly carbon fibre)
- LACE COVER (thnx to blco2) made of new secret material
- Double stacked zoom air
- No laces (drawstring)
- Carbon fibre insole
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yea that sounds cool man................maybe u should change the title of u'r post 2 get more people in here.

i think thats a good idea 2 see what people come up with
KeonClark made a mistake with that info, so you should change it - The heel latch will not be made of a new, secret material. The lace cover is the part of the shoe that will use the new, secret material- just letting you know-thanks...
This should be pretty hot. I know some dudes on here got some SKILL when it comes to these type of things. ALPHAPROJECT is one of the best designers I have EVER seen. I hope we can eventually get a sticky to this post.

Money its gotta be the shoes.Thanks Mike.
Hmmm...Im not really good with Jordans, so Im contemplating whether I should give this a try or not. I wish there are more clues. Is the midsole visible or hidden? What does the magnetic latch serve as? I do some sketches and see if I want to fully render it.
u should change the name to a Jordan: Designer's Roll Call... that might be a bit easier to spot
How do you make a lace cover for something that does have laces?
How do you make a lace cover for something that does have laces?

i never realized that.. i really don't know :stoneface:

lace cover and a drawstring? magnetic latch? sounds like JBs just throwing stuff on there becuz it sounds good...

oh also... u might want to add this to the clues... if im correct.. i think i remember reading a post where someone quoted Gentry saying the XIX will be the lightest most responsive jordan yet.
Hey, these renderings should be interesting, i can't wait!

About the "drawstring", its is a pull-string type set-up for a an easier fit and reducing the time to get the shoe on/off, and the lace cover simply 'cleans' it up.

It just LOOKS like a lacecover since there are no visible laces! Good Idea, lemme see if I have anything worth a ......

i hate the look of shox on any jordan's!!!!
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Wheres eskei?? This is a great opportunity for him....are u still lurkin around NT, man? I'd love to see what u could come up with for this "contest." Hopefully he'll make an appearance...
sent znth81, uits my first shot at drawin is mostly inspired by the xi cuz its the return of the xi but it had the ankle shape like the XVII and XVIII and it has a shrowed(sp?)/lace cover like the XVI. under the lace cover is black leather that is jus a one piece like in the XVIII's. tell me wha yall think
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