'Diary Of A Tired Black Man'...Powerful movie ya'll.

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I saw this movie with my girl not long ago. It was like making her teary, she didn't wanna admit it but I could see it. It's about how women can tendto treat men like garbage, and the opinions on both sides about it...Its like a half movie, half documentary. Don't let the title make you thing it'sabout one culture...it relates to everybody here who's been in a relationship with it's ups and downs. Reading the girl thread about what made youthink girls weren't innocent made me remember this movie.

Check it out when you get a chance... PM me in you can't find it....I know a place that has it for real cheap. Here's the clip that started thedirector Tim Alexander to make the film.
Diary Of A Mad Black Man Short Film
[h1]Diary of a Tired Black Man DVD Review[/h1]
by Kam Williams
[/td] [/tr][/table][h2]Incendiary Melodrama Examining Tensions between Brothers and Sisters Arrives on DVD[/h2]
In recent years, numerous revenge-themed Hollywood adventures have seemed to take a certain delight in portraying black men as unreliable womanizers undeserving of any respect, like the sort of losers always airing their dirty linen any day of the week on The Jerry Springer Show. From Waiting to Exhale to Two Can Play That Game to Diary of a Mad Black Woman, these female empowerment flicks have generally left brothers not only browbeaten but in need of an image overhaul. Now, help has arrived in Diary of a Tired Black Man, a fascinating half-documentary-half melodrama from the very talented Tim Alexander.

At the point of departure, we find James' (Jimmy Jean-Louis) being dogged by his ex-wife (Paula Lema) and her Amen chorus of self-righteous girlfriends because he arrived to pick up his daughter with the white woman he's currently dating. Without reacting to their verbal attack, he calmly pauses to let them know that he had been, and still is, an excellent, if unappreciated provider.

Rather than continue with the rest of his modern morality play, at this juncture the ingenious director came up with a brilliant cinematic device which only heightens the already palpable tension. He freezes the action here and periodically throughout the story for revealing man-in-the-street interviews featuring fan reaction to the couple's heated exchange.
[/td] [/tr][/table]
So, essentially half of what we see is an intriguing documentary of everyday folks from all walks of life weighing-in on the battle-of-the-sexes. And those remarks, ranging from the profane to the profound and from the silly to the sobering, prove to be every bit as telling as the film's fictional front story.

For instance, a young woman quick to question whether there are any good black men out there refers to the married guy she dated for two years as "typical "and an "effed-up, trifling-@+% Negro." Yet, when asked why she even entered such an ill-fated, illicit liaison in the first place, her only answer is that she "fell in love," leaving the audience to conclude that she's just as much to blame for her lot in life as all the black men she's just dissed.

Overall, the movie does tend to come down harder on females than on males, even though it doesn't let brothers off the hook entirely. Cleverly-edited to keep the audience on the edge of its seat, the movie flits back and forth between frank dialogue and the riveting tug-of-war between James and Tanya.

With both the factual and fictional parts of the picture equally absorbing, anticipate feeling emotionally drained in the end, yet also inspired to discuss the degree of dysfunction permeating African-American relationships. While Tim Alexander is quick to say that "Diary of a Tired Black Man is not a movie, it's a message," I found it so thoroughly entertaining that it obviously must be both.

Hate or appreciate...just trying to put you gentleman onto a good movie I know most people wouldn't regulary run into at Blockbuster...if youeven can find it there. You can at certain locations.

Great film for the guys on here that genuinely know they treat their women right and feel they never get the credit we deserve.

EDIT...Good looks on the Title...must've copied and pasted the wrong thing. Sorry kids.

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I enjoyed it. Very insighful. Dude reminds of me and not the fact that I'm Black and African. Watch the movie.
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Yea man, ive ran into some crazy females out there. This movie calls out a lot of them. Just stay smart when messin with some of these dumb females.
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i was on the fence about getting this flick, but if niketalk reco's it i'll give it a go.
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Originally Posted by faulkit28

i was on the fence about getting this flick, but if niketalk reco's it i'll give it a go.
But I was gon watch it before this thread but forgot
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this flick is a masterpiece.

We always see movies about problems with men but this flick takes a legit look @ the problems with females. I like that it's not just some stuffy paneltalking about it and that he actually went to the various cities to get feedback. Usually, something like this would be done on BET or something corny likethat.

About time we had something from our POV

Tim Alexander contacted me via email so if ya'll wanna shoot him an email, PM me.
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No seriously...

this stuff happens. When you date, you see both the good and bad in ppl. I've dealt with chicks like this but I'm smart enough to just be by myself ifthat's the case or look for some better joints.
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Originally Posted by mytmouse76

eh...all you men are just bitter...man up...
So because i saw the movie and connected with some of the points in itI'm bitter. great generalization
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