Did the Dr.Doom foams release in Houston?

May 9, 2006
If they did,where can I get me a pair.
looking for a size 8
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No Sir.....your best bet is PG....and i hope you a balla cuz retail was steep to begin wit...i cant even imagine her price.
One of the Houston NTers said he got his Dr. Doom foams from The Athelete's Foot for retail @ Sharpstown mall....might wanna give them a call or swing by there, you know?
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they have them most of the athlete's foot in Houston. They have them at sharpstown and galleria athlete's foot, but try sharpstown first cause the galleria manager raises the prices on everything limited
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^^^ YO, let me know if / when you get a pair. Then tell me where from...alright?
Kobe is only guilty of adultery.SIN FORGIVEN.​
They where at the Galleria Sheik last weekend
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