Do you always have a purpose when hitting someone up by call or text?

Joined Apr 4, 2006
I tend not to hit people up in my phone book because i feel i have nothing to say or there isnt anything really important i need from them but then i askmyself why have a cell phone if im not going to talk to people? so do you hit people up just to say whats up?

Joined Apr 4, 2008
Sometimes I'll shoot one of my boys who I don't really hang out with much a text but that's about all. Whenever I call/text people it's for areason.
Joined May 3, 2007
scores, news, e-mail, calendar.

the last thing I use my phone for is to talk to people
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Originally Posted by alcapone

Chicks = Tryin to smash.

Homeboys = chillin, hangin out.
this is my general rule.. but on occasion i'll text my friends if something happens, or if i heard about or saw something that might concernthem.

i'm not one of those dudes that's attached to their cellphones, and is always texting people on the random. i hate when people use their phones/textmessaging as a social crutch.
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ok but what about the people on here who can send 5,000 messages in a month? i barely hit my 400 limit
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occasionally I talk to people via text while I'm at home on the computer or at work and can't talk, in the library whatever. you have whole back andforth conversations while multitasking. it's scary how long some of the text conversations last because in a phone call when there's an awkward pausethe conversation is basically over, text it's understood that the reply might take a while so the conversation is never-ending.


Joined Apr 29, 2009
No because I don't like when people do it to me.

Only on AIM will i hit somebody up just for no reason.
Joined Apr 15, 2008
text, just to shoot the breeze with some females....

now i just call with a purpose.
Joined Jun 29, 2008
I almost never text people. I would hate to be the dude who texts people every 3 seconds.

I have friends like that
Joined Feb 22, 2007
I'm away at school for most of the year so I hit people up back home. If I havent seen someone for a minute up at school ill hit them up to see whats good,but normally I'll try to get together or something, not just to talk
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