Do you have retirement plans?

Sep 1, 2002
As I watch some of the old people I work with, I think about this all the time. I have no urge to be in my late sixties and still "need" to work. But I know some of my coworkers are just here out of habit at this point. Maybe they dread the thought of spending all day with their spouse. But some of them CAN'T retire, and that's scary.

My cubicle mate is well past retirement age, and he's apparently broke. He's more than twice my age and we have the same title. That can't be right. Seeing him allowed me to overcome my fear of moving into management. You can't be an operator forever. James Bond is cool, but at his age, he should be behind a desk by now, giving orders to younger people.

I don't have any dependents, and I live beneath my means, so my plan is call it quits at 50 and move to a much cheaper country. But I understand that life happens. Maybe I make some bad investments. Or notch up a few divorces. Or start pumping out babies. I do know that I'd rather be an old man doing yoga on the beach, than the old man at work holding up some young persons promotion. But if they're paying you to stay, I understand why it's hard to leave.

Anyway, put some money away, and have a plan. It's never to late to start. And as we grow older, it becomes even more important for us to take care of our physical and mental states. Remember to eat properly, exercise, and get good sleep. No point making it to old age with a broken body and soul if you can help it.
Retire from full time at 55 probably work part time until 65-70. Live out the rest of my life outside Umurica off that robust 401k.
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I doubt I’ll retired because my profession is very rewarding for my spirit, but i also dont want to work a lot either. I believe that life is too valuable to be working all the time. There are places to travel to and different experiences to enjoy.

i will most likely work PRN (as needed), maybe once or twice a week.
I agree with you though, OP, having savings and taking care of your health is top priority!!!
I don’t need to spend much to be happy.

my plan is to save as much as i can to have the option to quit or work less hours in 10 years.

having the option >>>
Just want my girl and I to be retired around 60 living peacefully in Puerto Rico. Not planned out yet, but that's my goal.
I don’t need to spend much to be happy.

my plan is to save as much as i can to have the option to quit or work less hours in 10 years.

having the option >>>
Ive always been a big saver even though i like to splurge at times. I tell my boys all the time to save money, but these ppl have “whats the point of having money if you dont spend it” mindset, which is not necessarily false; however, they spend everything!!!
These are the same people that told me to take out student loans when i told them im going to take a year off from school, move back in with my parents, work, and try stack as much bread as possible so that i can go to college full time without having to work while in school 🥴 it was at that point that i realize i dont need advice from ppl
We'll be getting UBI so I ain't even trippin. I'll take one of these (in non-tornado country) and ride out my days.

Patagonia or bust, by 40.

the next 5 years are as important as the last 19 of my working life. Except I’m wildly intentional now on exiting the rat race.

My dad retired at 54 from automotive industry with a full pension, he’s 72 and still broke. But like you said, too many kids and divorces (4) will do that to a person.

i have two kids, never plan on getting married and I’m stone set in getting tf out of here. Peace to the dreamers.

I'm fortunate enough to really like what I do, so I'm not pressed to retire by xx date, but I do contribute like crazy to my retirement plan just in case. In fact, every raise I've gotten as a professional has been redirected to my retirement savings. I'd highly recommend doing this as 1. It prevents you from falling victim to lifestyle inflation and 2. It ensures that you're constantly putting more away for retirement.

It’s the income i’m more worried about than the savings at this point. I’m not sure how I’ll be able to set up a recurring income stream. Working hard now to save up 200-300k by age 40. Have a 401k but it’s measly and not sure what social security payments would look like. At this point i’m just shutting my mouth, working, saving as much as I can and will re-assess life in a few years after I’m closer to those above numbers.
I feel for anyone living in a high cost of living area. I don't know how you're supposed to get ahead when you're making 70K, rent is 3K, and daycare is 1K a month. Or a house is 700K and you're being outbid by investors who only want more rental properties. It's almost impossible to save when you're house poor, or paying someone elses jacked up rent.

And a lot of people are going to be hurting if this automation thing really takes off and starts putting people out of work.
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Goal was 40, but that target is moving due to a growing family and investing in a more comfortable lifestyle.

If our lifestyle doesn’t get too inflated and investments continue on current track, having the eject button ready around 50 isn’t unreasonable. I’ll likely do something as my life’s work but in terms of working a job, hopefully that won’t be needed with the backing of F U money.
I plan on “retiring” by 45. Post retirement goal is to open an elementary and middle school.

I need to make my 1st million in the next 8 yrs to keep that timeline.
im gonna spend the rest of my days on NT :emoji_fire: :emoji_fire: :emoji_fire: :emoji_fire:

nah but forreal the goal is to be near the water somewhere. as far as financially, i've started saving up for some time now in multiple ways but the main one is retiring from my hospital with a pension that will also cover my health care.
yes, BUT won't lie, retirement (in its traditional sense) sounds boring AF. gotta have some hobbies that can sustain i guess?
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My goal is to be self-employed (independent consulting) or working PT by 50. I’m cool with living in the midwest and hopefully can afford a 2nd property by the beach and/or in the mountains to snowboard.

Making good money and using that to invest in myself with grad school and certs. Lifestyle creep is real though. Thankfully my girl and I recognize that and are making plans to be more financially responsible.
Yes. It's called the "My Parents Dying" Plan.

I can say that because my parents are getting older and we're having these conversations. This isn't happening for another 10-15 years, at least, so I don't really think about it unless my mom brings it up. I just keep chugging along with my 401K, stocks and home ownership.
Should be able to retire (at least financially free) when I can take out of retirement accounts. Like many in here, I plan to work per Diem to keep busy and get a like extra cash.
I do plan on retiring. In the last couple of years I’ve educated myself on retirement, and have put a plan together to make sure I’m financially good.

I will probably still work as a consultant post 60, to still bring some income in.

Im 35 and have friends who still haven’t even thought about retirement. That’s how you end up 60 years old with no stop date in sight.
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