Does anyway know how much certain Clubs make...(Love, Fur)

i know the brother of the owner of FUR but im not gonna ask.

and believe its gonna take alot to own your own club too.

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I personally know the owner of Fur... You better believe he's making SERIOUS money... Just think of it this way...

All the money they get at the door is STRAIGHT CASH... No reporting to the IRS, none of dat BS... Straight money in they pocket... Once you factor in all the ridiculous prices for drinks and all those dudes that buy tables and what not, these dudes are makin BANK ery weekend... And just imagine if some celebrity is comin or there's a special party... That could be almost 5-10x the amount of money at the door, at the bar, and for the tables...

The dude who owns Fur used to own Insomnia which was right next to the MCI Center... Imagine goin from dat small @#%$ club to this HUGE warehouse... He had to have made enough money there to even think about buyin a huge warehouse and turnin it into a club... He also owns Lotus, which is on K Street across from Lima... Just to own that property on K Street prolly cost an enormous amount...
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Okay, I'm going through the forum searching for another thread and forgot about this. I'm wondering the same thing as Scott. lol I read dude's post and it had me wondering.
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I personally know the owner of Fur
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my uncle owns or owned what was formally club ascot. but he had to change the name and lost his club licence after one too many bad gogos.. :rolleyes
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Rock, you seem to know your club biz. Me and my best friend are looking into throwing something once in awhile at a nice chill spot. I may have to hit you for some advice. Right now we just know NOT to do what her boyfriend did. lol Dude didn't make money at his parties, mainly cuz of his boys/business partners letting whoever in, letting their peeps make wack flyers (i've brought you up already Lavan!), and having a wack dj.
At night at dream that when I wake up, the males in the area will no longer be dressed like deflated packs of Skittles.
Yeah... I have come to know many Club Owners, as I am sure guys like Ian has, but my best friend has been forever doing Promoting and for real...

I have never seen that as Lucrative other than getting some cash for the weekend to spend on Sunday. Reason being you have to negotiate with the Owners on money from the Bar. Most won't give you poop until they reach a certain dollar figure (10K in some cases for Love or Fur 15 to 20K).

They know most times, you won't be able to get anything because some clubs get JUST over that, and the profit share from the overage aint enough to think you did something.

They put this number in front of you because of course the Promoter is going to try and get as many people as possible to the club and obviously hope they buy on the average 3 drinks at $8 to $12 bones a pop.

The problem with this is you try and promote not only the club, but get people to come to YOUR Parties AT the Club, so what do you have to sway them with?

Free entry. Free Entry means No Cash from the door. Hence Why it's so expensive to get into the BIG clubs. Its like Nike selling a shoe to the retailer for $40 and the Retailer selling it for $90. Some of these clubs aint lettin you have the full gate, so you have to put a fee on top of that to get something.

This is also a problem for the smaller promoters, because they have to spend time splitting money left over from making flyers, and perhaps paying a front door guy or security person or maybe even girls to show up and be "fluffers" for their spot.

Obviously the same stuff doesn't go for each club, but I am just spitting what I know from experience and having dealt with and been around it for such a long time.

Oh yeah.. and then there's drink specials and drink tickets some people do. That comes at a price and in Virginia you can't do Drink Specials per say, because of ABC laws.

You can only discount the price of a total meal, you can never discount liquor, as it promotes drinking.

Sort of a weird thing, as the State owns the ABC stores and make bank, so don't they promote drinking? lol

Anyway... the Club owners use these promoters so they don't have to really go thru the hassle themselves, but beleive me, at a certain point, some clubs can promote themselves or go without as everyone knows its there and will go just as they do all the time.

I always suggest for low key parties, Steves place in Mid town. The DJ there plays UNREAL Hip hop.. Not that RAP poop, but real deal Hip Hop from back in the day...

Word to Souls of Mischief. Back when I use to listen to Iran and Cee-lo do their thing on late night Hip Hop hours on Saturday night.

I Could go on forever, but I'd never stop...
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Thanks for sharing that info. Much appreciated and it gives me more to think about and consider. The shoe analogy with the door pricing really made sense to me and helped me understand why that is done. One place we're looking at is in NW and in me and my friend's eyes has a great "deal" I guess you can say. Her boyfriend and his crew had a party there and we were surprised they didn't even break even after we found out the fee/money the club wanted. Again, it all goes to his boys just letting in folks and those other mishaps I mentioned. And I should not call it a club, more of a lounge. That's what we're going to go for at the moment. Not looking at the big clubs. Just wanted to start off on lounge level or something like a Republic Gardens. A nice chill spot where people can relax, drink, dance, and eat some wings. lol Again, I may have to pick your brain some more, Rock. For now, it's past my bedtime. lol
At night at dream that when I wake up, the males in the area will no longer be dressed like deflated packs of Skittles.
^^ No problem... Thats the thing with this new West Coast time. Everything ends and its still

Hit me anytime. Steves is like a lounge also and they have a back area away from the main lounge area for JUST your party with Couches and open area to kick it...
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i know love grossed over 500k the night they opened under the name of "dream".

I know the owner of k st lounge, he used to own Daedalus on vermont ave and he gets serious amounts of money from that tiny lounge. Lounges really make a great deal of money since most of them dont charge a door fee, they just OD on the bar prices (fly, eyebar)

Marc and Taz really get it in terms of money not only due to their mega club love, but also their promo nights at Lima and Republic Gardens. They also recently upped their drink prices at love to equal more money.

Rock your very onpoint with the "some clubs close just as fast as they open" line. Cloud was a decent spot and im kinda mad that joint shut down after that incident outside. Indebleu is a good lil chill spot that's been around for a good while now. They are kinda stingy with their "black" parties tho.

I say ima get back in the promo game everyday
John T could have made Cloud ALOT better than it was on many nights. I believe the only good night was the Mad Power Unit nights...

Its sort of hard to get people to KEEP coming to your parties, if they aren't on the main drag. Plus he was paying a pretty good rent since it wasn't RIGHT on the strip.. BUT promoters couldn't keep people coming in there consistently.

Gotta give the people a reason to come in there....and I hate to sound sexist, BUT women bring men to the Clubs....and women getting in FREE keep women in a club, as well as having scantily Clad women AT the club Promoting.

The women coming to the club don't care, cause they are there to either chill with their girls or bump into a man to buy them the free drinks they aren't getting from the Bartender.

Remember.. most women don't want to meet their future husband AT a club, BUT they will holla at a dude and see if it's possible while they are getting their drink on. Til their girl tells them later another day... "Girl you know he was at the club to try and get him some" "he just gettin it elsewhere til you DO give him some"

Hey as true as that really is.. why do they gotta hate? lol

But I digress on that tangent.

I am surprised ICAN hasn't pitched in his wealth of knowledge on the subject. I know he has much to tell that I am not aware of in some aspects.
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Yo i been on my grind tryin to find people thas tryin to get a club poppin in DC/MD! But my friends dont wanna grind to shine!! Hit me up if anyone interested!!!
I wish VA (richmond, norfolk) had more of a club scene comparable to DC, or at least with have a better range of lounges, bars and club. If I had bread I would definitely look into opening a lounge in Norfolk...
Rock- You forgot to mention nights that are non-urban nights;

Democratic National Committee
Congressional Black Caucus
Private Parties for celebs

Now you are talking not 20-40 bucks but 65-70 bucks a head at the door..
Keep in mind Gilbert's 25th ran 1.75 mill back in January
Plus Marc does a road version of Love for the Essence Fest in the N.O.

Marc Barnes is no overnight success story... he has been on his grind for years.....
^^ Yeah.. like I said.. I have been going to his backyard parties since I was a a Sophmore in College. 92'
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^ Rock,

You're definitely on point with what you're sayin... They're makin SERIOUS amounts of cash, whether it's at the door, at the bar, or after hours (like Fur)... The owner of Fur, Mike Romeo, charges ridiculous amounts of money for people to get back into Fur after it "officially" closes (around 2:30, 2:45)... I've seen dudes pay from $100-500 just to get into the after hours VIP lounge... That's straight cash in his pocket... But, like Rock said, clubs close just as fast as they open... A bad incident or two (ex. Cloud) can cause the whole thing to go down the drain... It's a high-risk, high-reward gamble... Guys like Marc Barnes, Mike Romeo, John T., etc. have made their money... But I'm sure they've hit a few bumps along the road as well...

Btw, Hunnit8Seven, which owners are you related to? I personally know the two brothers that either used to or still own what used to be called Ascot... I haven't heard anythin bout them sellin it, so I guess it may still be them...
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Someone enlighten me about this after hour stuff at Fur?? I've never heard of it. Break it down for me.
At night at dream that when I wake up, the males in the area will no longer be dressed like deflated packs of Skittles.
I've seen dudes pay from $100-500 just to get into the after hours VIP lounge

Mang that sounds crazy.dude mustve been working a game on a chick hahahaha.

I used go to Fur and party at the lounge afterwards.only good was we were able to get alcohol serve after closing and my friends who were smoker (cigg) were able smoke even with the smoking law that took in effect.The bathoom attendent who in that lounge works at Lotus now,he's a real cool guy-my main man
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