Does culture hold us back?

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I thought this video was kinda interesting was wondering what you all thought about it.


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Only people that have taken mushrooms can really get down with what he is saying.
In our culture anyone who takes psychedelics is just looked at as some drugged out lunatic though, so there's not much you can do.
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Originally Posted by kix4kix

I thought it was rather redundant
For real, homeboy. I mean what does he want the world to be??? One single group with the mind and culture of the same thing? I know our ego attaches us to our culture and our sense of group. But I also believe people can coexist with their culture, and leave their differences as is. Regardless if you take away culture, there will always be that strive in humans to retain or obtain power, and that alone will create indifference.
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that was pretty interesting, especially the part about this culture being flawed because it's self destructive.
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