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This past October, NikeTalk donated $4,116 to Access Books"I have attached information on the school your grant assisted. It helped to purchase one third of the books- quite a lot! If you would like, I can send short notes from the students to your physical address- this may be a lot of work for you to put on your webpage. Just let me know.

The schools we serve have at least 90% of their population receiving Title 1 funding, with most students living at or below the poverty line. Since school library funding in California is the lowest in the nation, the school libraries are dismal. Most have more students than books and the books are old and outdated, with the average year of publication in the 1960s. The students at these schools have little, if any, access to books in their home or community libraries. A new, well-stocked library will make a huge difference in the lives of the students and teachers. Not only will the books assist in academic achievement, they will help children discover the joy of reading.

To date, we have provided over one million books to schools in the greater Los Angeles area. We could not do it without support from donors like you. Once again, thanks."
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The school is a Title 1 school which means its population lives at or below poverty. Most are children of immigrants and are acquiring English along with their core subjects. The school library serves close to 800 students with less than 10 books per child (the national school library association recommends 25). They had fewer than 10 copies of all the Harry Potter books, only 15 copies of Goosebumps and less than 20 copies of Curious George.

The grant money was used to purchase a large core set of books with included the popular titles that children want to read as well as books requested by the teachers such as Eyewitness Books. Also, each classroom received a core set of books. In total, we provided over 10,000 books to the school and classroom libraries.

We had over 50 volunteers help paint numerous murals as well as sort the books. It was a very successful day and the students and teachers were thrilled with the results. Students will enjoy and read the books for many years.[hr][/hr]

Thanks once again to all of you for helping us continue to make donations like this one. I'm proud to be affiliated with the NikeTalk community, and I hope each of you feels the same way.

We'll have some new donations to announce soon, too. Stay focused.
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I'm proud to be affiliated with the NikeTalk community,

Even with all of the disappointing threads/members?

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Now doesn't that just make you all warm inside?
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That is so heartwarming. My mother is a teacher in the Bay Area, so I am well aquainted with the poor state of primary education in California. I'm so glad our donation went to a truly worthy cause. Children growing up in poor, urban areas are often shunted to the side by society. Already given up on before they have a chance to shine. These books are instrumental in sparking the imagination of these kids and developing crucial reading and comprehension skills.

Quote:[hr][/hr]Since school library funding in California is the lowest in the nation, the school libraries are dismal. Most have more students than books and the books are old and outdated, with the average year of publication in the 1960s.[hr][/hr]
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That's cool that they gave NT a follow up. I've donated to charities before, and ended up wondering how the money was used. I had no way to really know, so I just hoped it helped someone. But it's good to have that connection with Access Books.
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I have a mixed reaction.

I'm very pleased to help kids in anyway possible. The youth deserve as much as we can give them.

Unfortunately, for all the good and positive aspects there are to living in CA education isn't exactly one of them. This certainly opens my eyes to just how bad it is. I need to do something.
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Quote:[hr][/hr]I bet Team Grammar Police is having a field day with these pics. Be nice :wink:
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This makes me proud to be an NT'er. I am very happy to help the cause.
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i love the fact that me wasting my life on NT is actually helping people
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nice keep it up and we go get a niketalk mural or be engraved on a wall with a list of people who donate
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$4,000 is A LOT of books :pimp:

I like this book because it was made in new york :lol:
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This is why NikeTalk is better than all other message boards. 8)
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