Everyone has that one girl that they can't forget about, how did you get over it?

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Inspired by the other thread about how you broke up with your ex lol

Everyone has that one girl that they aren't with, yet can't let go of.  How'd you finally get over her?  If you ever did at all. 


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Time..Do things like go to the gym, something to take your mind off of her.

But ultimately, time should do the trick.
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I just came to the conclusion that I missed my chance in Eco and that I should've just asked her out then, and I'm never going to see her after graduation.
3 months later, I still haven't bumped into her or tried the facebook look-up.

There's plenty more girls out there 
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Find another female to put it in. After a couple weeks of good sex, you will forget her.
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I've had one...and it sucked even worse bc we worked together (another reason you really shouldn't get involved with a girl you work with). Like everyone else said, time and just interacting with other people, not just females, having a good time.That was a few years ago and now now when I talk to her I forget I even had feelings for her in the first place. The mind is really good at forgetting, use it to your advantage.
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I moved on the next on on to the next one!
word to that jet life its hard to forget till you meet someone else
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it's crazy that these threads pop up whenver i'm going through it. got one chick right now, sorta refuse to get over her and entering my simp mode. i've been tryna find methods to cope with it. i used to be an alpha male now betta 
, feels bad man. 
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Some would say, and I would agree that you never will truly get over her.

And I mean that in a sense that you can surely go to day to day without thinking about her, being down, etc......But you will always have a soft spot for her.

If you're fresh off of a break up, just do things to keep your mind busy.
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I completely forgot about her til now, thanks a lot op

seriously tho, a little part of you never "gets over it". over time you adjust


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i think about her everyday, and i always imagine scenarios i how i can get her back. Shes just, perfect.
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I guess I'll share my story if anyone cares or has a similar one

Thinking back I met a girl in my freshman year of college and became close friends with her for a while. She was always in a relationship so honestly I didn't get anything more out of it than a kiss, but I liked her alot more than most of the women I was actually able to get with. We've gotten close to it a few times, but she always stopped it. We talked alot, on and off for a few years, even when I was seeing other women I would still hang with her alot on the side.

I still talk to her every now and then, but its been a few months now. Shes gotten alot more reserved around me cause she got married a few months ago and has kids now.

Even though its just friendly conversation, she only answers the phone when her husband is at work, so it got harder for me to get in touch with her. 

h connect

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get out, surround yourself with positive people, and meet other positive birds. I was in your situation once, I did exactly what I just told you...now I'm in a much healthier relationship with a broad who has her head on her shoulders, and I couldn't be happier
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A better girl came around that had been in my life months and months before me and that "girl i couldn't let go of" split.

Sometimes it takes someone else to forget or "get over" another person.
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