Face Tattoos. Wut?

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I know it's been going on for a bit, but I feel like it's damn near "socially acceptable" in that it is on the edge of the spectrum inside instead of outside of it. 
Reason I brought this up is cuz i just saw a video by the rapper Bizarre and he has a weed leaf tattoo under his left eye... and i'm like...wut? 

read the second half of the statement. years back the weirdest people had nose rings, now it's just slightly edgy. i'm saying there's enough people around now with face tats that although it's extremely odd to most, it's not just a handful of cases but an actual societal trend. and the quotes too...reading is fundamental. 
no there aren't...i haven't seen one person with a face tat ever
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Originally Posted by DoubleJs07

*Who was ol' boy here on NT who has aspirations of being a lawyer w. a neck tat? Any update??
Dude was dead set on it too, right?  Like how he was gonna change the world with "Only God Can Judge Me" on his neck.
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Originally Posted by Checks McGee

Theres a dude that hoops at my gym who has a face tat, son is garbage too.

I mean if you goin to the league and got a face tat, cool, do you.  But bruh, u miss 7 foot jumpers in pick-up games.  Remove that %%!*.
Funny as %@%%! I know its mad random, but  this %@%% is funny. Its just mad random...

Why are the only jobs people aspire to are corporate jobs?
I don't know why either You can make good money without going corporate. Corporate isn't the end all be all to life. Seeing how they are hard to get these days, it amazes me that people feel if they are not corporate, they ain't living.

Anyway...I see where OP is coming from. A face tat use to be real taboo, but now its more socially acceptable. They've become so common its not weird to see someone with a tat on their face, but I HAVE NOT SEEN ANYONE IN ANY PROFESSIONAL SETTING WITH A FACE TATTOO. It's not happening. It's hard enough trying to get a decent paying job with an arm tattoo Are you serious. The real world is still very judgmental.Honestly if you're not in any creative industry such as film, music, art, and other form's of creative entertainment, you're not going to get a decent paying job with a face tattoo. Even in the creative industry, labels frown on signing rappers face tats, believe it or not. A lot of cats got face tats after they got established. And To be Honest.....that %@%% is just pathetic looking. I see so many people in North Philly with a face tattoos.A lot of hood chicks are getting stars on their eyes..That *%*% is so tacky...MY GOD. To each his own though so whatever...

Regular arm tatts ain't even socially acceptable to everyone yet
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I see them on the regular. Who cares though? Yea I think its dumb but whatever.
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i saw a kid the other week who couldnt have been any older than 17 and had tear drop tats on his face 
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there was a time when a nose ring would have everyone staring at you creeped out (think first punk rockers and even before that avante-garde in the 30/40's). i'm saying in major cities i've been to including toronto, LA, NYC, Pittsburgh, and even Cleveland (mad dudes on coventry st with face tats), it's not a single person but a small group that is statistically countable.
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Seen a ton of them at a friend's fundraiser. 99% of them (if not all of them) were huge Hawaiian/Polynesian dudes that looked like they worked construction or were stevedores and had tribal designs so I guess at least they could work that angle.

Saw another guy at the beach with a shaved head and he had everywhere he would have had hair tatted up with tatted sideburns. I guess at least with that set-up one could always grow it out and cover it up?
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Originally Posted by needsomejays

i saw a kid the other week who couldnt have been any older than 17 and had tear drop tats on his face 
He's about that life though 
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Originally Posted by IcyyyESR Two3

no there aren't...i haven't seen one person with a face tat ever
What!? And you're from NYC? Just get on the 2/3 Uptown, there's a person with a face tat on each car, at least
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I don't see why what you look like, or what you want to look like should matter in the corporate world, or any other professional job for that matter. If I'm a lawyer and I show up to court in a Hawaiian shirt and thong sandals, (Hypothetically speaking, if the judge allowed this) but I get the @+%@+$@ job done and win the case, isn't that all that matters? People get to hung up on the wrong things. The WORK you do is what SHOULD matter. Not your tattoos or clothing. #yeahimmad
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It isn't the tattoos, it's the age of some of these dudes that are getting them. Saw a youngin that couldn't have been much older than 15 the other day WITH FULL SLEEVES, walking with his mom too smh. This generation.
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If I saw a Maori Person with some facial tattoos I would treat them with utter respect since those tattoos have a history and deeper meaning than some damb duck or LA tattoo.

Sir San Diego

formerly brolic scholar
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Besides the dumb tats, when did dudes start cutting multiple lines in their mustache?
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its a cashier dude at my local target that got 2 face tats smh

i know a couple dudes with face tats

i wouldnt call them socially acceptable tho
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