Fair or foul? An active player wearing another team's gear?

Fair or foul? An active player wearing another team's gear?

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Joined Oct 8, 2003
How do you guys feel about this? I ask because Kapernick was seen wearing a Dolphins hat, and it pissed off a lot of Niner fans. How do you guys feel about a player wearing another team's gear, in the same sport?
Joined May 2, 2013
He's a younger dude and was prob wearing it to match.

Plus it's out of conference :lol:

If it was a a NFC hat, I understand, but people like to over react on things.
Joined Jun 3, 2013
yeah, the niners pay him and hes the face of their franchise. if he was at a game to support the dolphins or some family/friends or some marketing/paid event, understandable, but the niners are paying the dude. You won't see Lebron rocking adidas outside of the NBA, Brett Favre wearing designer jeans, President Obama draping a Chinese flag over his shoulders. 
Joined Feb 6, 2007
Since Kap single handedly beat Miami last season, and won't face them again for 3 years, I don't see any harm really.

If its a rival hat, or even a Ravens hat, I get the complaint, but a non rival, not a big deal imo.
Joined Feb 6, 2007
:lol: well, funny you mention the Rams. They take Merling, sign Jeff Fisher, draft Tavon, sign Jake Long, snag Jared Cook, ALL guys we pursued or formerly employed. :lol:

So Rams, maybe. But if Tanne wore a Cowboys or Panthers hat, wouldn't bother me.

In the offseason especially.

What if Kap grew up a Phins fan? Or maybe its because of his college teammate Rishard Matthews on the team, or he just liked the match with his shoes or somethin.
Joined Dec 9, 2002
It's really not that deep, but I know people will treat him like he sold nuclear weapons to al quaeda.

It's sports. It's a game. It's not life and death, as many fans try make it out to be (even sinking as low as to fight another teams fan) I'm sure he wore team apparel before he became pro, and he still feels comfortable in the same attire. As long as he handles business on the field, that's all that matters.

I do, however, have an issue with players wearing opposing players signature shoes. It's the ultimate ego stroke for another player and the last thing you want to do is boost your opponents confidence.

I know it's kinda the same, but to me it's different. You're actually competing in another players sig shoe while playing against that person vs. Wearing a dolphins cap to a barbecue.
Joined Nov 24, 2009
Seeing Ginobili wear Lebrons all season long and during the Finals was a little weird to see. Lebron could've given him a special colorway. Also weird when players are guarding Kobe and they're wearing his sigs.
Joined Jul 21, 2012
As long as he aint wearing any other NFC teams cap, or a ravens cap... He good.

And for the sake of NT, NO TEXANS GEAR.

Kap :pimp:
Joined Aug 30, 2012
I remember Allen Iverson wore a Milwaukee Bucks jersey on the bench one time when he was sitting out with an injury.  No one seemed to care, maybe because it was a throwback Oscar Robertson.
Joined Dec 14, 2004
It is a sweet hat though.

Players shouldn't wear other teams in the same league as them. He should have rocked an MLB or NBA fitted.
Joined Jun 1, 2011
I'm not bothered by Andre Johnson being courtside at Rockets games wearing a Heat hat. It would be a different story if it was a Colts or Cowboys hat.


Joined Jan 2, 2012
The shoes thing is up in the air with me. On the one hand I get what Sooperhooper is saying but then again I wouldnt want them to not play in the shoes that they've been playing in all year and are most comfortable with. 
Joined May 9, 2013
at first when i heard this i was like meh. but after thinking why 49ers fans i understand why they are. i understand colin view also. but for my personal opinion da only thing da matters is her gives it his 100, basically what he said in his instagram post. i admit it i was kinda upset. but this is nothing new wasnt KD spotted sporting a bulls hat. 


Joined Oct 24, 2010
How do you guys feel about this? I ask because Kapernick was seen wearing a Dolphins hat, and it pissed off a lot of Niner fans. How do you guys feel about a player wearing another team's gear, in the same sport?
well thats weird as hell to wear another team in the league you play in.

if a NFL player is wearing a MLB/NBA/NHL then its a non issue but a 49er player wearing a dolphins hat? that is very odd
Joined Jan 6, 2013
If Kap was unhappy being in SF or was on the verge of being a FA I can see the outcry but it's a snapback hat. Most of these athletes wear hats as a fashion accessory anyways and to continually comment on what another man is wearing like Perez Hilton does is dumb. Alex Smith couldn't even wear a New Era Giants hat because of licensing issues, so even wearing a hat from another league in a problem in the NFL.
Joined Jul 18, 2012
eh who cares

this ain't bloods vs the crips

nothing worse than sports fans who take this stuff so seriously that it impairs their judgment

you're seriously a herb (possibly mentally unstable, even) if you let petty stuff like this bother you
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Joined Nov 14, 2006
He is wrong. We as fans pay his salary and he wouldn't be anything without us. He is a member of the 49ers and that's it.
:smh: He's spitting in the face of all us 9er fans doing stuff like that.
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