February's Jordan Brand News - Updated 2/29

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Dec 8, 1999
To prevent repetitive topics and keep everyone up to date without wading through all of the back pages, beginning this month we will have a regularly updated news post in each of our main sneaker forums.

I'm getting tired of kids playing Christopher Columbus, acting like they "discovered" some pics or info that've been on NT for weeks. Rather than allowing people to continue posting recycled news - and taking credit for it - we're gonna start compiling news items here, so make a habit of catching up before you post that "breaking" story you found on another website.

First and foremost this month, we finally put to rest a persistent rumor concerning the Air Jordan XIX. Air Jordan XIX has NOT been cancelled, and they will release as scheduled. The first pair due out, pictured below, will release on March 13th for $165. According to JumpmanSt,
"There was a problem with the Techflex material coming apart where it meets the cover, but it has been tested and fixed. Still, the white/grey colorway will be LIMITED, so don't sleep. Very few pairs will be out on release day, so be sure to grab em if you want to get them."

These images come to us courtesy of Bonez7s and prime21tym as initially seen in this post.. Check the timestamps on those posts, people. I see people crediting all types of sources for those images, but here's the reality: they belong to prime21tym and they were hosted and posted by Bonez7s. Give credit where credit is due.

As you can see, the shoes come complete with mesh bags. The box folds in half, with each half containing one shoe.



For those who can't wait to purchase the XIX, NikeTown LA apparently WILL be selling them on Feb. 14th as part of their All Star Weekend events. So much for a cancellation. Speculation regarding the early release began in a post in the Nike Retro forum, but this was the first post in the Jordan forum, so please discuss it there.

Here is a picture of the upcoming Trunner LX2, courtesy of Footlocker.com These images were made their NikeTalk debut in in this thread. by AirElijah. Black/Red is due out in June. White/Royal is due out in August. I don't have specific dates to share... yet.


Below, you'll find images of upcoming Jordan slides. As you can see, each pair comes with matching socks.







This is the upcoming Derek Jeter signature trainer:

We also have a new color of the Jumpman Pro Quick:

Finally, this is what the Women's White/Carolina XIIs will look like:

The women's XII will release on Feb. 14th. For men interested in these shoes, according to the general rule of thumb you should take your regular shoe size and add 1.5.

Added 2/06

Also of interest to Jordan fans this month:
You can customize an old school script style Chicago Bulls jersey by following this link to the NBA.com store. Check the original post for more details.


If you want a Jordan brand version of this jersey, check out the following scan from the latest Jordan brand catalog:


As with any product catalog, notice that approximate release dates are listed. (7/1, 8/1, 9/1 for black, navy, and white respectively.) Oh, and we can't forget the matching shorts:


For those wondering, this is what the white/royal LX2 will look like:

These images were scanned by DeeHayes0628 and posted here.

Updates for Feb. 7th
  • Apparently, you can add a to the mix according to a few very reliable sources. Check this topic for details - or lack thereof. Please, don't ask me for any information on these - I know as little as you do about them. Trust 4+ years of NT experience on this one - prodding and whining won't expedite the process. When more information is revealed, you'll be sure to find it here.
    this post for details and discussion.
  • If you can't get enough pictures of the upcoming White/Flint Grey XIXs and their unique box, check this post from Bonez7s.

Update for Feb. 9th

A few upcoming XIX samples have made their way to eBay recently. To curtail some of the "please post pics of such and such" topics, we'll include pictures of these upcoming XIXs here.

Here are a few pictures of the Black/Red XIXs, due out May 8th. Before anyone asks, all of the XIXs pictured are $165.



These are the WEST regionals, set to be released on July 10th.



Now let's move on to the EAST regionals, also set for July 10th.






Discussion of these images continues in this post.

Here's a couple photos fresh from tonight's Nuggets/Grizzlies game:


Also, we have one more color of the Trunner LX2 for you:

Updated Feb. 10th

Jumpman23.com has just been updated with new XIX inspired content, including an assortment of downloadable wallpaper for your computer. Though the teaser content thus far may not offer anything we here at NikeTalk haven't already seen, the stylish presentation we've come to expect from Jordan brand is enough to warrant a visit. There are about three or four posts about this topic already, so please - don't start any more.

Next, while it doesn't pertain to any upcoming Jordan products, many of you may be intrested to note that NT admin JumpmanSt will be appearing on ESPN2's "Cold Pizza" tomorrow morning. The show airs on ESPN2 from 7-9am, and JumpmanSt expects to appear sometime during the second half of the program. He plans to bring a few vintage Air Jordans along with him, so keep an eye out.

On the subject of the Retro Air Jordan XIII (yeah, I thought that'd get your attention) Nike designer and NT member Alphaproject recently shed a little light on the subject. The following quote is excerpted from this post.

holiday 04, and you will get the blk/reds, and probably the blue/greys, with at least one retro plus and maybe another OG color, at least...
That's why you visit NikeTalk, right?

Also, as you may have noticed, we've switched all of the images in this post over to our own server. Hopefully, this will improve the performance of this post - and it will ensure that these images will NOT become Red X's anytime soon. You can all thank NT staff member Ceddie for donating hosting for this purpose. Thanks, Ced.

Updated Feb. 26th

For those of you wondering what the Melo AJ II will look like, wonder no more.


If you know the name of the magazine in which this photo appears, email me and I'll be sure to give them credit. This image was first brought to NT by kidkidd7 in this post.

As expected, there have been plenty Air Jordan XIX sightings this month. Carmelo Anthony and Jason Kidd wore the white/flint grey XIX in the rookie and all star games, respectively. More recently, Jason Kidd has been wearing the East Regional model. Nothing new, right?

Well, even jaded fans should enjoy this picture of Ray Allen wearing his unique player model of the XIX.

If you'd like to see more pictures of Ray Allen wearing these shoes, check this post.

Here's Footlocker.com's product image of the Air Jordan XIX low. This color will be released on May 29th for $115.

Updated Feb. 27th

We have a couple more player models for you to glance at today.

First, Mike Bibby broke out his black XIX lows for Thursday night's game against the Lakers. Here's a picture:

He went with a white version against Utah the following evening.

For more pictures of Bibby wearing his XIX lows, check this post.

On Friday, Quentin Richardson took the court with a pair of red, white, and blue Air Jordan II retros. Take a look:


Updated Feb. 29th

Another unique player model was on display recently, as Gary Payton has been wearing a Black/Purple Air Jordan XII retro.

Pictures of the upcoming Air Jordan 2 Re-Retro in White/Red-Black Refer to this post.

If you haven't kept up with NT lately, or you're new to our community, be sure to check the Archives for older news items.


thanks MM.
save me, and all of the other people, who didn't want to read the 20 different posts about the XIX's just for some info.
thanks for this post!! i, for one, CANT WAIT for the XIX's on 3/13!!! i had actually forgot about them (my mind was on the II's) but now i'm anxious to cop a pair!!

ALSO, i think the fact that the Women's XII wht/caro will come in sizes 5-15 (Womens) should be added to this post because it is another common question in the JB forum.
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Awesome idea- we all truly appreciate it- I'm tired of people coming in here with "news" that they got from another site, but the truth is that NT is where the pic/info originally came from...
Thanks Meth.....great post......those XIX's are looking great as great as day 1.....too bad II's come first on the priority list.....limited or not I'm passing.....
I'm getting tired of kids playing Christopher Columbus, acting like they "discovered" some pics or info that've been on NT for weeks.

^^ this part is actually funny to see.


First, thanks for the positive reception. Please be sure to remind others to utilize this resource and refrain from posting repetitive topics. Let's all do our part to make the Jordan Brand forum the best it can be. Personally, I'm Jordan fan first and last. I only own a couple pair of foamposites etc. and I couldn't care any less about dunks, rifts, sbs, or what have you. I take pride in this product, and I take pride in this forum. If you feel the same way, I hope you'll help us out with this goal.

To respond to a few questions thus far:

I'd prefer not to update this post with anything other than definitive, verified information. When a question is answered, I will update the MAIN post as well - since I want to make sure that EVERYTHING may be found on page 1 of this thread. Similar threads have failed in the past because people have had to search through 20 pages to find all the news - which is preciesly what we're trying to avoid.

First, I don't have precise dates for the Pro Quick or the LX2. If someone has these dates and would care to submit them, be my guest. I do have the release month for the black/red and white/royal LX2 as indicated by the product catalog (June and August, respectively) and the post has been updated to reflect this.

In the case of the white/carolina women's xii - we're still receiving a lot of conflicting information, and rather than mislead people I'd rather wait until someone actually receives their shipment.

Some people are saying 15, the catalog says 13, and nike's customer service says 12. First, I would discount what the product catalog indicates as this is, by far, the most outdated source. The "official" word from customer serivce finds that these shoes will only go up to size 12. However, this seems unlikely. We know for a fact that the white/pink women's xii lows will go up to size 15, so it seems almost irrational to halt the white/unc mids at a size 12 or 13. Size 15 makes the most sense - but this could easily be the product of confusion between this item and the white/pink lows combined with wishful thinking. Have we seen any in a size 15 yet? (Melo's don't count) As a result of this confusion, I'd rather wait until the fog clears before throwing out speculation as fact.

Man those Jordan slides are nice. I definetly need a pair for this summer.
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how LIMITED will those xix's be? i have to admit they have grown on m a little, but im still not feeling that ugly lace cover. it looks like a huge reflector like they have on bikes so people don't run you down at night.
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^that's what i was thinking. now i don't know if they're growing on me because i like em, or because of the word limited. probably the latter.. :\
At this point, everyone recognizes that you can't take the word "limited" at face value. Unfortunately, though, I don't have production numbers available.

From what we understand about the product, though, it's probably safe to assume that there won't be nearly as plentiful as previous game day models. Remember, this is a shoe that ran into production difficulties. Without a delay, they couldn't have over-produced these even if they wanted to.

Now I wouldn't panic and assume that they'll sell out within 24 hours nationwide, or that you need to camp out in order to get a pair. However, at least with the white/flint grey version, we may finally have an Air Jordan on our hands where the retail price must be honored - where you can't COUNT on it hitting $125 in a few weeks.

It just depends on how much you like the product and safe you want to be. If you buy it because you like it, you won't be disappointed. If you buy it because it's 'limited' - you risk disappointment. This IS a shoe that will be sold nationally and internationally. This IS a shoe that will be sold at chain stores. Don't go in thinking that you'll be the only person in your zip code to own them. If you perceive "limited" relative to your average Air Jordan general release product, you've established a more realistic expectation.


When will the slides come out?

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AMEN Meth...

Thanks for taking the time and summarizing all the good info!

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