February's Jordan Brand News - Updated Feb. 28th

anyone seen the jeans yet? they're sick.
Man....the all black dubzeros are fire!!!!
...that's all I got.
g'd up from the feet up$​
anyone know anything about the laser jordan 4s...

my main question would be if they will be super limited?

and how much they will be? i think they were gonna be 200 retail...
so just talked to my Jordan rep, he said the White/fire red will be online on the 15th of April, and the other two colors will be like a quickstrike. sorta like the Altitudes :rolleyes

hope this helps anyone

....I worked at nike town but wasn't down for sellin soles....Visionaries

hit me up!!! ste160@gmail.com
powdbyrice, any info any any more 10's to be released at this point??

thanks for all your info, as always!
The One and Only......CHICAGO BULLS!!!!

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