Fellas, would you let your girl be in a music video?

Joined Apr 30, 2007
Budden is looking at this thread just shaking his head wondering where these girls are who aren't in videos.
Joined May 4, 2009
Depends on the song & artist

Would be weird to be in public and people

like wow thats the Skeet-skeet girl

Having her own fan base now & what not (big ego afterwards would lead to a break up lol )

..but she can do whatever she wants aint going to hold her down ..make that money!
Joined Feb 26, 2009
The premise of "letting" one's girlfriend/spouse do anything is ridiculous. You're not the boss of anyone, but yourself.

All I know is that I probably wouldn't be partnering up with anyone who holds the mentality to want to be in a music video like the typical video chick to begin with.
Joined Oct 13, 2001
No. I don't want any woman that is MINE to be displayed as a sexual object. That is what video girls are viewed as.

Not in ALL videos but in most.

I am selfish. Eyes off.
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