Aug 1, 2006
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There were very high hopes for this year being the 25th Anniversary of the Nike Air Force 1. Many sneakerheads have been somewhat disappointed with the releases this year, but there are great Air Force Ones approaching on the horizon.

Next summer, there will be a handful of hybrid Air Force Ones that take inspiration from other iconic Nike and Jordan shoes, but unlike the Jordan x AF1 Fusions, the shape and silhouette of the Air Force Ones are not altered.

This pair is inspired by the Neon Air Max 95. The color of the upper is unmistakably that of the Air Max 95, the sole makes us of an Air Max heel, the back tab is reflective 3M, and the tongue is made of the same materials of the Air Max 95 tongue. These are supreme Air Force Ones so expect the finest quality of leather, more limited numbers, but also a $200 price tag. Many pics after the jump of these shoes. Pics taken by
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thanks for the pics...

Nike air forces are Fallin BIG TIME....

and those dont look right for some reason...

thanks for the pics though...
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not bad, but ill pass on these.
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I like the tongue, but still unsure. I've heard of an Infrared AM90 inspired air force. I'm interested in seeing that one.
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Yeah I'm a sucker for neon...I want these.
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Believe it or not, I have no AF1s.

I'll definitely have these.

Neon AM95s are one of my favorite shoes ever. I love the OGs, I love... LOVE... the neon AM95/360 hybrids, and I'm completely feeling these.

My only complaint: I wish there was more neon on the actual shoe, because when I switch the laces to to the OG AM95 laces, the only neon on the shoe will be the translucent sole.
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i absolutley love love loveeeee.....................copping when available, next summer?
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I think the colorway is pretty good, I'd probably prefer it more if they just kept it the normal AF1 with the usual tongue. Also, if it was a Premium with about a 125 dollar MSRP, it would make me happy. I'm not sure if I'd pick them up for 200.
tumbled leather, 3m and is that suede on the back? a little to much goin on for me
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pretty nice. though its probably going to be really pricy. therefore not copping.
swoosh shouldve been neon too
These look any other '07 garbage...I would NEVER even think of buying these.
"My only complaint: I wish there was more neon on the actual shoe, because when I switch the laces to to the OG AM95 laces, the only neon on the shoe will be the translucent sole. " Forreals!

And retail will be $225, folks.....
these are are actually done really nice...Im not buyin them for no $225 but Nike actually did a good job

Looking to buy:
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hot but looks too expensive to buy, their pricing on these forces are nuts, thats their problem. OVERPRODUCTION and HIGH PRICES will not work
These will hit the outlets when they bomb & all the NTers here are gonna change their minds lol

Someone at Nike Marketing/PR came up with this for sure - "hmmm - let's put two popular classic evergreen models & bash them together to see what pops out"

It's clear that Nike is running out of ideas & hybridization (or is it crass bastardization? Cross-pollination, even?) of popular shoes seems to be the way to go when they are not butchering innocent retroes with wackass colourways.

Nike please wake up. Stick with retroing the shoes that took my money when I was back in HS lol
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