flight club

Joined Feb 26, 2008
Flightclub Rite now is overrated!!!! And people were actually paying money on ebay for a F*&%**g Code!!!!

Flightclub has yet to offer anything! some XV's and Some green bean fusions!!! Come on!!

Hopefully that picture of the back of the III's arent fusions!! Hopefully an OG colorway or and an xclusive colorway would be nice!

By the way i have TWO invites if anybody wants them...Goin Once...Goin Twice.....
Joined Dec 3, 2007
everything that has appeared so far on flight club has also been released in footlocker here in australia
for close to twice the price as online!
but still, exclusive, yeah right
Joined Mar 1, 2008
Hey nters I have had a flight club since the XII Nubuck release and its still active, but I have never got any invites for the red XV's and these, cansome one email me an invite, PLEASE I have no idea why its not working with me, Rickgonzalez07@yahoo.com Thanksfor all that can help
Joined May 2, 2007
Umm just to let you guys know (the ones whom just recently posted), Im only speaking for me but my invite expired on the 22 of Feb, so I don't think youguys will find much luck...how about asking someone you know has a flight club passcode to buy them for you and just reciprocate the cost
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