FOOD that taste GOOD but DESTROY'Z YO BUTT vol. win battle but lose the war

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THIS... when i make it, old laos ladies give me credit on how hot and good it is :pimp:... do not make any plans after you eat this...
after a long night of drinking, to cure my hangover i eat pho... i only go to places near my house because i be getting hot flashes and cold sweat in about 10min after eating... the drive home is intense...
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Chipotle is my arch nemisis..It's so good, but evil at the same time..I smash that whole chicken burrito and I know how things are going to end..I know I'll end up in the bathroom, shirt off, feet up on a step stool for extra leverage, magazine for reading and fanning, and a can of Lysol..Oh and the wife has to be notified of what's about to go down so she knows to come check on me to make sure I haven't passed out..
This used to happen to me! But I switched to mild sauce from hot, and it's all good now
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am i the only one who doesnt have the digestive system of an 85 year old woman?

How about some fiber fellas? 
The more I'm reading these responses... It seems we mis-read the point of this thread. :lol:

I think OP is talking about eating spicy foods that burn your ***hole when you take a ****
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Wingstreet :smh:

Used to get 44 wings every Wednesday and spend Thursday morning pissing out my ***


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one time i had a hash brownie and some panda express, 3 hours later i woke up in the bathroom stall with what looked like a soft serve machines worth of **** in da toilet, butthole was on frank ocean status painfully red :smh: :x
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yesterday, I had a cali burrito with the green sauce in S.D. and today, I burned like a mofo coming out. It gave me diarrhea. I've already made 2 pit stop driving back to Sac and we are only half way home
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Chipotle, its right next to my gym...ill go there before I workout sometimes :smh: I don't know how but I some how convince myself ill be ok ...5 min into my workout my stomach make that first noise:x


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fiber one bars :smh:

when you constantly eat 10 bars a day, dont even bother leaving the house. SRS
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fiber one bars :smh:

when you constantly eat 10 bars a day, dont even bother leaving the house. SRS
Fiber bars make it so you only have to wipe once or twice though :pimp:

Why are you eating 10/day though? Each one has like 1/3 of the daily fiber you need...
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dat seafood pad thai spicy from a spot over here

its 15 mins of heaven then 3 hours of your bootyhole feeling like a LOTR movie poster.

you know dat feel when you brush your teeth with minty toothpaste and you exhale, imagine that downstairs.
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Indian food
I love spicy food. So i have bad times with taco bell some times when i use tons of Fire sauce. Super hot wings will do it too.

But my boss made curry chicken once (she is indian) brought it in to work. It was pretty tasty.....but i will never eat authentic Indian food again. I was on the toilet at work sweating like Garnett in double overtime. I got off the toilet just happy to be alive.
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Coconut Helado. I almost had to take off of work the next day :smh:. But, it's so worth it.
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mcD's milkshakes. that chocolate one tastes soo good. but lord have mercy....

dat pain...dat lactose :smh:
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Yeah, like someone said eariler, White Castle will send you runnin. What's funny is that EVERYBODY knows it, and everybody still eats it. I remember being in White Castle once waiting for my order and overheard some cat telling his boys over to the side about how it's not the burger that makes you sick, it's the onions.
"Son, they pack those onions in water, and the onions soak up ALL that water and it releases in your stomach. THAT's what gets you sick, that's why I alway order my joints with no onions..." and his boys are just nodding along like dude was really dropping some science. :smh:
exactly , no onions = good money

i always wind up getting onion rings though :smh:
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