Footlocker Staff Member Openly Stiffs Customers...

Jan 24, 2005
I was at the Footlocker in downtown Montreal yesterday and was asking how many size 12's of the OL/NL pack they are getting in, and the guy who worked there told me only 3 size 12's and then proceeded to point out all the other staff members who were taking all the size 12's (and other sizes as well)... so I can't get them anyway!

Lucky for him, I'm not just some regular customer off the street... If I want the pack, I'll get it, even if I have to drive down to the U.S....

BUT, should this idiot really be telling customers that they can't buy the shoes they want because the staff are taking them all??

Don't get me wrong... if I worked at Footlocker, I'd be taking my size too... but what he did is really bad customer service and bad for business, IMO.
OUCH, that sucks. Happened too me a couple times before. Really got cheesed at the manager. Eventually, we came to a compromise and i managed to get myself a pair.
The last thing you should do is Narc on him with the FL manager? But if he's telling you about what the staff is doing, then he's a cool guy, and you should get him as your contact
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Sounds like a d*ck but you can't knock him on looking out for his employees.
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Yeah he shouldn't have put that out there like that showing off that all the staff took the pairs.
But if he's telling you about what the staff is doing, then he's a cool guy, and you should get him as your contact

He wasn't just telling me what the staff was doing, he was telling me I couldn't have the shoes I wanted because the staff was taking them.

I would never rat on the guy to his manager, I'm just saying he shouldn't be telling customers they are out of luck because the staff is taking the shoes they want.

As for me... my stepbrother works at the Footlocker in the West Island, so I already have a contact.
^^ I see.... what can I say shoe collecting sucks some times..... as for me, I'm getting my OLNL from my hook-up in the US, now that the US dollar is low, importing them makes more sense.
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Was that at the Footlocker just right next to the perfume stand/mini-shop? If so, I gotta concur about the bad service.
I also have to agree that that specific footlocker isnt that great servicewise. The one infront of Simons further down the street is much better. The staff at the one next to the perfume shop/Chapters think they are the @#%$. When i wanted fire reds and called the night before, salesman was bragging how he is"the number one seller in that joint and he runs that place and he had me covered" what a douche....
^^^ haha they all think they run the place there, lol

I was wearing my 2003 white/cement retro III's when I was there and the sales guy looks at my feet and says, "Ah... ORIGINALS!"

I just laughed and said, "Uh... ya."

...what a douche.
I don't think he was purposely trying to rub it in that you can't have the shoes, but he just wanted to be honest? I don't know.. if you look at it that way it isn't so bad. Would you have preferred an "I don't know" or some other lie???
Unless his tone really gave something away, I don't think it was intentional.

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just tell him to shut tha F up cuz he's just a lowly Venator employee!?! sooo wack when FL\Champs\AW dudes try'n school us true heads!?!
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What can you do!? If your'e not friends with them, I find footlocker employees are absolutely poor customer service providers. If I had a voice to let footlocker Canada know, I would tell them practically every store provides subpar to poor customer service.
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at least hes telling you ur not gettin a pair, instead of you showing up and being all excited
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^^^ It's not about me... I knew I would be getting my 2 packs regardless.

I just think it's bad business that he's telling a customer off the street that if they're thinking about buy certain shoes, they're out of luck because the staff is buying all the stock.

They (the Footlocker staff) should keep their mouths shut about what the staff is doing.

After I bought mine for $299.99 each, tax included... I walked into that Footlocker with my 2 huge bags and all the employees were asking where I got them and how much I paid...

When I told them, I got them at a store around the corner, and for about $70 cheaper than what they paid, they were all pissed...

...Justice served... lol.
hahhahaha bobby that's a hilarious pic!
WTB: Retro Jordan Fire Red III sz 12, will trade for DS XVIII lows black/chrome 12.5 w/ OG box and towel
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