Friend Caught Up in MLM scheme

What’s funny is those same dudes be wearing ill fitting suits and square toe dress shoes, trying to kick knowledge and tell you what to do :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Are these the folks that try to recruit you while you’re grocery shopping??

Bruh...your posts triggered a memory. I can't remember where exactly I was for the initial interaction (may Starbucks or a nice restaurant bar) and this older white dude in a suit started talking to me. Then he starts talking to me about this business he had, blah, blah and says he doesn't have his materials on him but asks if I want to meet up the next day at Starbucks for coffee and he can show his pitch. I remember thinking "Oh ****, this suit paid for itself :smokin ) because I thought dude was going to come through with legit job. Maaannnnn this MFer showed up with MLM materials trying to explain to me how it worked like it I didn't know it was a scam :stoneface: Had me at Starbucks like

The second time a pseudo-mentee/kid I hired called ME to ask me to meet up with him and his boy about their business. He went to my alma mater and was one my annual handpicked hires. So I am thinking "Damn, I knew I was right about this kid! He got a startup!" so I knew I wasn't going to take it because I got a promotion that hadn't been announced yet but I wanted to hear about his startup and give him some pointers on some mentor steez. Maybe get a board seat.

Again - him and his friend present me with MLM stuff and I start laughing and ask if he's joking. Then he says "Man, don't you want to make more money?" Told him I am, I am taking Marlene's job when she retires, it hasn't been announced yet. Don't EVER disrespect me like this again MFer" grabbed my briefcase and walked out. Dude was shook to look me in the eyes ever again after that :lol:
Had someone approach me with their sales pitch while at Nordstroms a couple years back. Wasted 15 min of my life. The “opportunity of a lifetime”
So it certainly says something about these folks that they caught up in that MLM life....

But does it say something about us that they had the sheer audacity to approach us like we would be about that MLM life too? Like are the just shameless or do they think "Oh he looks down bad and like he could use some money frfr. Probably not that smart either. Let me hit him with my MLM pitch right quick."
One of my friends got caught up in one of these called "Legal Shield." He's in real estate, and some other agent he worked with started trying to recruit him talking about "this is the wave of the future. You have a lawyer on retainer 24 hours a day and it's only $20 a month!" I told him from jump not to bother, it's a pyramid scheme, etc, etc. He eventually makes up his mind that he's gonna sell, but decides that he should try the service first so he can speak from experience. I tell him it's a huge mistake, but he doesn't listen because he sees quick, easy money. A couple of months in, he gets popped for a DUI. Calls his Legal Shield hotline and gets some lady. He explains the situation and that the cops are trying to get him to give consent for a blood test. Mind you, he's already smoked weed less than 24 hours ago, AND he's wasted. Legal Shield lady tells him to absolutely let them draw his blood for a test. :rofl:

He didn't end up selling after that, but for some ridiculous reason, he didn't cancel his subscription for like another 9 months. I don't understand how people don't see this stuff when it's right under their noses.
I posted this in the "pyramid schemes" thread a couple of years ago but I had a similar experience with Amway

"I had an awful experience with the multi-level marketing/pyramid scheme, Amway earlier this year, it was bizarre.
I was working out at the gym and the older white guy started chatting me up about financial freedom and mentorship. I agree to meet with him at Starbucks and he talked to me about his entire career, that he was retiring soon and it was all due to his mentor, this mysterious guy that I had to meet. He invites me to his house and I'll admit I didn't knowing what to expect.

I thought it was just going to be him, his mentor and I talking about investments and life stuff. I knew it was a setup when I entered his living room and I saw about a dozen people sitting and an easel with the whiteboard on it. His mentor talked for literally an hour about nothing, just buttering us up and talking about how long he been retired and how he travels all the time with his wife, etc. It wasn't until about 90 minutes in did he ever say the word "Amway" or Worldwide Group". I was like "bruh, I wasted my whole night on some pyramid scheme, BS?" It was all about selling these crappy household products to your friends and family and also recruiting other people into the organization. The whole presentation lasted over 3 hrs.

The craziest part is that the dude who invited me admitted to spending hours everyday recruiting people at the gym, grocery store, etc. The dude tried to call me for days afterwards and I just stop answering. The really sad part is that these pyramid scheme people take advantage of young, impressionable people by presenting this as a legit business opportunity and presenting themselves as "mentors" who will help you better your life."

Some dude tried to recruit me into Amway in February 2020 just before COVID

Also back in the day some guy tried to recruit me into selling kitchen knives. I think it was called cutco

Just googled. It was called vector marketing :lol:
I know some people legit eating off of them though, not just renting cars and homes to shoot promos in but legit 6,7, even 8 figure earners. Of course, its a 98% fail out business, same with affiliate marketing., same with forex/binary/crypto trading and there are major platforms that combine all of these into 1 very likely to crush your pockets before you finally quit business model
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