Friend used my Paypal account and scammed people should I take him to court

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I have a friend who scammed some people selling kicks on instagram. He lied and said he shipped out tracking info and he never sent the shoes . The individuals who bought the shoes hit him with a charge back and Im stuck to foot the bill now thats over a thousand dollars. He told me he would make payments and find work but instead he is doing whatever he wants and stunting on instagram. Ive waited on dude and been patient but im feed up with him And honestly Ive waited to long so im gonna go on ahead and serve him papers. Does anybody know the proper way to do this.
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Do you have any proof that he used your paypal account, or that he agreed to pay you anything back? If not, then court would be a waste...
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Do you have any proof that he used your paypal account, or that he agreed to pay you anything back? If not, then court would be a waste...
Only way I see you can proving this is if you have emails talking about it. Hope you have hard proof Op
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Like I've never scammed and never would man it's a disgrace I honestly need to fix this because Im in way over my head
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take whatever it is he's "stuntin" on instagram whatever it may be, as collateral. this sounds sus.

but if he's that good of a "friend" to you, believe me, you'll be getting the " i got you next payday, for sure" bs for a while. thats how it is when you let friends/ family borrow money. they're not in a rush to pay you cause they never had the money to begin with, you're the one in the red.  
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He hit me with the I don't have the money rift now thing I was like bro you gotta make payments and he works for toys r us m crap saying his checks have been bad but he goes on ig with a crap load of money
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Why did he have your paypal login info?

like are you guys that trusting of everyone? Are you a couple or something? Even then, your paypal account  is the same as a bank account and I'm sure you don't go around sharing that.
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Why didn't you tell him to use his own Paypal account? There is no reason why he shouldn't have one


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He took advantage of your kindness and now you're ******. I would never give anyone access to my Paypal account seeing that your credit card/debit card is tied to it and if he wanted to, he can go on a shopping spree on your dime. Since it seems like you're too afraid to put hands on him or strong arm his weekly check, you need to file a lawsuit against him in small claims court because that is the only way you're getting your money back at this point. It takes a few minutes to make a Paypal account. You're telling me he doesn't have a debit card?
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Make sure you get him in texts saying he would pay you. Get all the evidence you can, sue, never talk to him again.
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