Future of Air Jordan's?

Jun 8, 2001
I didn't post this in the Jordan Forum because I didn't think I would get an accurate response. Anyways, I haven't bought any Nike/Jordan shoe in over 2 years so I really don't know if they are popular anymore. I do know, from visiting the Jordan Forum, that the whole Jordan line is going downhill with the releases of some really ugly shoes.

I still have a bunch of old Jordan's in my closet just sitting there. My question is, are they worth saving to sell in the future (5-10 years) or should I get rid of them because the trend is dying out?


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it will get locked here anyway

dude sell them and put that money in a high yield savings account or something or invest it

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Naw man Jordan's been out of style.....

What size you wear? :nerd:
"Born to Bone" is more like it when you wear this around."
Jordans are SOO dead, just sell them to me for quarter retail if they're a size 8.5-9..ill take em off ur hands..SMH@jordans...so not cool anymore
size 12?
if not then wear them!!
shoes arent meant to be kept locked away :smh:

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what are you talking about??? All the jordans look cool. i buy every single one of them. i show up to the store 3 hours early for every LS release there ever was. i never seen the man play, but when i saw the spizikes i fell in love. im so glad i decided to become a shoe head like everyone else.
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all i know is when the retro packs come out all your og value gonna go down....so if your a size 10 sell them to me.
Wat are jordans? You didn't hear about dunks?
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yea if you want a lil pocket cash then just sell them
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they will become the new pokemon cards

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bro there jordans they will always be on top of the shoe game

cosign, especially the OG's, for instance i probably wouldn't sell my OG Black/Red XIII's for anything tight now (one of my grails) although there are some kids at my school that wear the shoes and not know who Michael Jordan the person is... :smh:
But I gotta give it up to MJ and Nike... they knew what they were doing from the beginning in '85.... :pimp:
Jordans are dope, but the colorways they have been releasing :x
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Yeah seriously the game is done after 2008.
So you should sell them before the 08 year. Size 11?
Sneakers are meant to be worn not stored.
haha i love how everyone saying the jordan shoe game is dead yet they are soliciting you to sell them to them for dirty cheap...what do you think? i say keep them but dude dont look to it for monetary reasons, keep them because you want them. If you are looking to make some money, sell them but dont expect them to go for much if they arent OGs or if they are recent retros...you would need to hang on to them for a few years before you can see something from it.

Well, I really haven't been interested in the whole scene for quite some time now. I only really visit NikeTalk for the General/Music forums.

I don't really have any use for them anymore because I am not a collector. I sold a bunch over the summer but I kept most of my OG's because I figured they will be worth much more in the future, but the way Jordan Brand is going, I don't see that happening.

EDIT: I actually just put up a size 9.5 pair of the 2000 White/Black-Fire Red V's on eBay. (I had to do some sort of plug :D
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