German NTer's how do you feel about Hitler and the Nazis?

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How do you think they feel?

Wait, do we have any German's on here?
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do you think it actually affects them?
and do you mean full german/lives in germany/ any parts german
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Probably wont find too many German born Germans on NT.

I'm half German and I've been to Germany on multiple occasions... I've seen the remains of the Berlin Wall, walked under the Brandenburg Gate, crouched in the original Fox Holes where the US 101st Airborn fought the battle of the bulge outside of the town of Foye in Belgium.

What are Germans supposed to think of Hitler? The guy was in a universe of his own, he lied to the German people.  By the end of the war he had children as young as 11 years old in uniform fighting his battles...

The current German people hate the Nazi's and Hitler as much if not more than Americans did/do... They hate Neo-Nazi's like we do here.  

If I someday become fluent in German that I'd have no problem spending some time over there living... The country is amazing.  Last time I went I took a gondola up to the peak of the highest mountain in Germany, overlooking the Austrian Alps. 

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Perhaps I should explain my reasons for starting this thread a little more. My father went to Germany a month or so ago and when he came back he told me that the Germans he asked about World War II related monuments would give him a cold shoulder, if you will. He would be asking for directions to say, Auschwitz, or any other landmark and the situation would become awkward in a way. I'm sure Germans these days aren't Nazi sympathizers but I'm sure many of relatives that may have been Nazi's or were directly affected, so I thought it'd be interest to maybe here what goes on at the dinner table, if you will, when subjects such as World War II come up in German households.

I'm not sure if there are natural born Germans on this board, I just through the question to find out what kind of responses and/or stories I'd here.
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I'm more interested in what they're taught in school.
Do they just gloss over it like Japan does about Nanking and "comfort women"?

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Originally Posted by Je Ne Sais Quoi

I'm more interested in what they're taught in school.
Do they just gloss over it like Japan does about Nanking and "comfort women"?

i live out in germany currently and i been visiting some of the concentrations camps and man are those things wild cant believe those things actually existed
.... the germans also take students there on tours to teach them the history of WWII...
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