Get your Facebook stalking on

Joined Apr 30, 2011
Go to the search bar at the top and type "Photos of ___(Person you want to creep)____".

Photos that person you are not even friends with and/or are set to private show up.




1. This is ONLY for the new facebook GRAPH SEARCH - set language to English (US)
2. It does NOT let other people know/notify that you are creeping on them (TESTED)
3. A few other ones:

- Photos by ______ (the ones that they posted)
- Photos that _______ commented / liked (the ones that they liked or commented)

4. It ONLY works on photos that are set to "public" which is default with the new timeline
5. It DOES show photos that are "hidden" from timelines (hnnnnnnnggg)
6. To untag yourself, go to Option -> Report/Remove Tag. Generally at the bottom of the photos

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I feel dirty now.
Joined Apr 30, 2011
*waits for facebook to close loophole*
Thing though is that I don't think it's a loophole. If the person is tagged in a photo that's public and that person removes it from his/her timeline, that person is still tagged in a public photo. This basically displays all pictures that that person is tagged in.

Y'all got me, now I feel sick. Goodnight.

I forgot how beautiful she was, thanks NT :smh: . I was good son, I was good.

Well damn. You're doing it wrong. You're not supposed to check up on old bitties :lol:
Joined May 12, 2008
Not a loophole. Just a new way they let you "search". It was all public to begin with. Their just giving it to you easier and in a pack.

Mark Antony

Joined Apr 30, 2010
Y'know, I checked on new chicks and their private facebook is way more timid than their public *** instagram/twitter, so I figured I'd expand the search. Haven't thought about her in so long.
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