Gilbert Arenas....2 years PROBATION, 30 days in a halfway house, & 400 hrs comm service

Joined Mar 13, 2004
that prior gun charge is going to mess everything up for him....not to mention they now have the texts that he sent Critt about how to cover everything up....I wonder if the judge will make an example out of him?
Joined Dec 9, 2002
what he did was stupid, but he doesn't deserve to go to jail. he needs to be punished: community service or something, but not jail. for some reason it seems like dude would fit right in in jail tho.
Joined Jan 9, 2009
i thought he was gonna do like a 30 day bid only? It's looking kinda serious

im not you

Joined May 29, 2009
That's what everyone keeps re-tweeting on Twitter. Could be a false alarm. I'm waiting for the AP story
Joined Mar 13, 2004
His defense team did a hell of a job considering the prosecution was adamant that he got 3 months in jail.....

gil got off light.
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