Going to VEGAS [..not asking about sneaker spots..]

Jun 6, 2005
I'll be going to Vegas soon for a week and I'd like to know from any of you who have been there what are the best places to eat at perferably Buffet(s) and Restaurant(s). If you could please provide where they are located - which casino they are in, or what part of the strip, I'd appreciate it if the places were on the strip/a little off the strip but nothing too far. Thanks!
Bellagio Buffet is definately the best. They have by far the greatest variety and quality of food, but it is not cheap. Be careful because a lot of buffets substitute boiled shrimp for the crab legs at lunch.

Wolfgang Pucks Grill at MGM is my favorite restaurant in Las Vegas.

Ive also eaten at his Spago restaurant in Ceasars and it was also very good.

There is some great and affordable Asian restaurants on Spring Mtn Rd West, but that may be a bit far for you.

In N Out Burger is on Tropicana just West of the strip.

NYNY has Nathans hot dogs if your looking for a NY style dog.

Sugar and Ice at the Wynn has the best ice cream outside of Italy.

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the rio buffet, at the Rio.

Aladdin/Planet Hollywood actually has a really good buffet in it too.

if you like good prime rib, go to Gallahad's in the Excalibur. best prime rib i have ever had.
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thanks for all the responses, i'll probably try all of these places out...but if anyone else has anymore spots i'd appreciate the help! thanks again
I live in Las Vegas...and I'm gonna try to give you a different angle on where you can go since answers are repetitive a lot.

check it out, if you want a DEAL on ribs cuz your pockets are semi empty, hit up ellis island. Which is on the corner of flamingo and koval... it's kinda ghetto in there but for real the ribs are worth it. sides are crap, but you can get a full rack of ribs for i believe 9.99. If you go on a weekday you won't have to worry about a wait, it shouldn't be too busy. They also have a house brewery so you can have beers for a buck a piece...sweet deal, i enjoy going there.

My favorite buffets, are already said here, The Rio World Buffet at the rio is number 1, The Bellagio Buffet is definitely number 2, if you want a brunch i would rather go to the bellagio buffet. I heard the mirage isn't too shabby but i haven't been there so i can't tell you exactly.

If you're ballin outa control, and you have too much money to spend a few places I would recommend are Fiamma's which is located inside the MGM grand. Fine dining italian cuisine, very good. You can find a lot of nice establishments in there actually, my friend worked at Craft steak for a small amount of time, and although he hated it he said the food was good lol. I would also recommend Mix, which is up top of Mandalay Bay THEHotel, the food doesn't have too much personality, but it's still really really good. The view up there is AMAZING, and you would definitely have some love for Las Vegas up there. It turns into a nightclub at night too and it's pretty cool. If you want a more lowkey secret spot, I heard the Steakhouse at Circus Circus is spectacular, personally I've never been there but I always here that it's one of the best kept secrets in town. The last place I recommend is The Capital Grille, another steakhouse which is located at the Fashion Show Mall, 3rd floor... I endorse it because I work there and I feel like I should support my company LOL. I'm a loser I know.

If you want a decently priced lunch, The Capital Grille (where I work) is one of the best. I definitely recommend going in there during the day, you can score a killer cheeseburger for under 15 bucks. Other good lunch spots are Mon Ami Gabis, which is located in the Paris, french cuisine and is very good. Theres a line of restaurants on Flamingo, but to be honest with you I'm not a big fan of them. I dunno though maybe I'm just biased cuz i've tried all these casino restaurants.

Clubbing, if you're 21...I'm not...but the best places to party are the Palms, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, and Tao at the venetian. The first 2 have breezies EVERYWHERE, and you'd like it there. Tao is a spot where it's coo...but I don't really give it as much props as other people. Palms and Hard Rock are where its at for sure. I'm not 21 so I can't really give you much detail about the clubs, but when I go to those hotels I see at least 50 girls that i would be willing to take home.

OH! Strip clubs LOL. Spearmint Rhino is probably the best strip club in town, the minute you step in theres like 8 different girls dancing and 50 of em going around looking for attention. If you want a fully nude 18+...I guess Deja Vu would be a good bet... Olympic Gardens has male strippers so be careful where you step in there LOL. I wouldn't recommend that one HAHA.

If you want to know about more local restaurants or better priced restaurants I can answer, I think i posted too much though. I hope this helps bro, and have a good time.

Thanks GeRAWRd for ALL* the info..(*i'm female by the way so the strip club info... :\
lol) but i appreciate all the places you've mentioned. if you don't mind, i'd like to know of more places, but if you choose to reply back, you don't have to list me EVERYTHING, I wouldn't want you to waste so much time, just give me a few places that are worth checking out. Thanks so much!
Bellagio Buffet is definately the best. They have by far the greatest variety and quality of food, but it is not cheap. Be careful because a lot of buffets substitute boiled shrimp for the crab legs at lunch.
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Ive been to Tao before and it was so damn crowded in the club upstairs you could barely move, forget dancing. I would have had a much better time just staying in the lounge/restaraunt area.
Ive also been to Pure at Ceasars and it was pretty nice as well. A lot more room in there.

However, Las Vegas nightclubs drinks are excessively priced imo $13?!?. Id really suggest hitting up a liquor store and drinking before hitting the clubs.

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^im pretty sure u need an appointment in advance for that place now.
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