Good Barber Shops in Manhattan??

Joined Dec 8, 2001
anybody have good recommendations for barbers in manhattan that can cut african american hair?

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Without a doubt, Denny Moe's All Star barbershop on 134th & Fredrick Douglas Blvd. The owner Denny Moe has been cuttin' celebs for over 20 years, he's a old school industry cat. I'll travel all the way from PA just to get my wig spiffed up by that cat. The place is beautiful too & the barbershop is right next to a brand new sneaker spot called Vault that my dude manages. On any given day, there's like 7-8 barbers in there & they all nice wit' thiers. Go to Denny Moe's my dude.....
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Denny Moe's is cool but some of those guys are expensive. I used to work at Vault and I've gotten done ups several times always to the same guy (the bald guy from Jamaica, think his name was Sherlock) and he charged me $20. Not that I mind paying that much because I know I'm paying for the atmosphere and the service but I can pay $10 to a lot of other places and get essentially the same cut.
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all star barber shop... 187th and st. nickolas ave....
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Cristo Rey's on 114th bet. 3rd and lex.....them dummys in a can can cut some hair
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matrix cuts(dont let the name fool you) on 37th on 8th ave
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