Good to Get Windshield Tinted?

Jun 24, 2005
I plan on getting some darker tint (maybe 15%) on my car this weekend, but was iffy on doing the front windshield. Some people do it and some don't, butthe front windshield tint has to be lighter. Do most of you get it tinted or just leave it alone?
you gotta tint the front alittle.. jus not too much may'n, dont want them city cops pulling you over every chance they get!!! good luck
Every state has different tinting laws.....but im pretty sure you cant really tint your windshield to the point where its noticeable.
Dont do the front windshield, at all. You are just asking to get pulled over and all those tickets add up. I just took off my front window tints which were20%, cops dont play nowadays.
I have never seen a front windshield tinted. You might have a major problem with police
15 all around

5 is OD
I was looking to go 35% in the front, but don't know how easy it is to get caught by the cops. I have a few friends that went as low as 20 in the front andhave yet to get a ticket. I'm interning for the city right now, so I could get away with getting a few tickets in Memphis
. As far as when I go back to school, those cops don't play about anything because they have nothing else better to do.

I also might do the 50% mirror tint in the front.
Originally Posted by Freshly Snipes

I got 5 all the way around except for the windshield. I can't see **@% at night haha

but true. i dont have it on my front windows no more tho...
I have 35 or 30 everywhere except the front. I think its legal in MA where my car used to be restired, but not in RI where I'm registered now. I'vebeen harassed a few times, but never ticketed.

Dont do the front.
Tinting the windshield is usually illegal. In Florida, it gets so hot that tinting it wouldn't be a bad idea, but you'd get harassed, but I don'tknow many people who have gotten tickets for tints in general.
if you have dark interior, than tinting the windshield is pretty pointless if you have 5% on the rest of the windows....
u really wont be able to see in the front from the outside, but if you insist on it.....go with 35% or 45%
someone mentioned a light mirror tint on the windshield....that dont sound too bad right there!

BTW....make sure your cool with a fed, so that when you get a repair order citation from another one, he/she can just write it off!
thats ur best bet
limo tint all around here but not the windshield. cali cops are anal about the front windows but i havent got pulled over for it yet.
I've never done it. I usually just do a 5% visor.

But there's this black Challenger in my complex. Blacked out taillights, tinted all around & chrome 22's. Dude literally got 5% on the windshield.

Ride looks serious though. I'll take a pic of it when I see it again.
Get 15% all around but, Don't tint your windshield, tints defeat the purpose of the tempered glass used on auto glass and hold it all together if thewindow breaks. so if you get into an accident and dont have ur seatbelt on your windshield wouldnt really give way and you'd basically be smacking yourface into a wall.
so if you get into an accident and dont have ur seatbelt on your windshield wouldnt really give way and you'd basically be smacking your face into a wall.

Thanks for the advice. I'll probably be getting 15% all around and look at getting the mirror tint or maybe 35-40% in the front. I already can barely seeat night, but when I have my contacts/glasses on I'm good
yah IMHO looks better on dark cars.

It keeps the car less hot in the summer and noticeably cool in the winter.
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