Got Frauded in SF....HuGe UpDate.."Got My kicks Back!&q

Feb 26, 2006
hey, i was frauded in a transaction with a niketalker from the bay......i sent my kicks to this address

Donald Fang
>3927 Pacheco St
>San Francisco, CA 94116-1040

under niketalk area litoaznboi18.

I was looking for some information about this area and to see if any one has any ideas of how i could get my stuff back. I know if at least one other niketalker.....hopefully he saved correspondence as mine got deleted because of the way the inbox is set up .

Any help appreciated....thanks

Willing to pay if someone is successful at helping me.

the transaction was a trade for:

My Ds Clot Dunkesto's + $30 for His Hunter Dunk SB's......

He claims he had me send my kicks to his friend who he cannot get in touch with now.....B.S. Story....He frauded another user as well.

So about $200-$230....nothing i'm gonna die for, but the principle really bothers me.

My brother lives in San Fran and i was planning on going out to visit. Thinking about dropping by Donald's.......Wanted to get idea of the anyone familiar with it?
Man...I never really heard of a pacheco street........shady business with nt'ers :smh:
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i live 4 or 5 blocks from this guy...the area is pretty accessible and the streets are easy to navigate...the streets are in alphabetical order so you could easily find his house if you were out here...

if you want your gear back, i can help you out if you want...PM me or something...
i live like 3 blocks away from the dude. its around sunset area, which is not ghetto to say the least :lol:
^Even though I don't know broccoli but I sure do know how he looks like(NO HO~MO) scary huge tall white dude with a cig in his mouth :wow:
sorry to hear bout this. I read his selling thread where he called u "******ed" and everything. he's hella messed up. if I lived in SF I would have your back. hope he gets what he deserves. peace
haha i just asked one of my boys. he knows this dude. i suggest you guys dont mess with him though. it would start more trouble than you want...
^^yeah hes probably in the mafia or something, but it is a stupid idea to confront him especially since we dont know what really happend and the person who is claiming to be ripped off is from philly. @#%$ the east coast. he got got, oh well. it has happened to all of us. suck it up and move on!

Tell him you wanna meet him at WestSunset to settle this! Just bring more than your brother tho.

seriously tho, keep communicating with him.
haha i just asked one of my boys. he knows this dude. i suggest you guys dont mess with him though. it would start more trouble than you want...
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sole sounds like u don't want him to get hurt. I say somebody catch him slippin and just get him for the shoes he has on his feet when he has on some heat.
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Wow this kid is on blast with his pic and all!!! If I was him I'd send the shoes the deal was for because with all the negative comments about it in this thread, dude could get caught slippin pretty easily and he won't even see it coming...
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