Aug 9, 2008
My graduation is in a couple of hours

I thought i'd be happy, but I am sort of sad

I can't explain how i feel right now haha, it's like a mixture of sadness/nervousness/anxiousness
It's weird haha
you're starting to realize that once the summer's over, you may never see some of those people ever again.

Good stuff huh?
High school right? If so, you've made it and you don't want to turn back. College? You got a rough road in front of you.
man up if your a male haha
wipe those tears wussy thats why daddy left u (daniel Tosh)
Originally Posted by needsomejays

man i was happy as hell on sunday for my graduation, never have had to see those ^%@#$%* again
lol but yea I didnt see a lot again, just a couple here and there for open houses, I prolly have only 2 real friends left from hs
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