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Looking into getting a lot of Graphic design work done. If you designers could post your website, portfolio, and work I would appreciate it. Or send me the way of some dope GD you know.
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I hate to say it but graphic deign threads never survive on her. Just not enough consistent interest for people to keep coming back here.

Check out I love that guys work and he mixes art and design well with corporate jobs.

Also if you love flash websites, these guys rule the universe:

And hometown love. A good firm in San Francisco that does a lot of street wear stuff:
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Here's a few sites / blogs. Motion Design: Design: Archive of Design Projects:

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Essentials you'll need to know:

Charles Anderson:

Elliott Earls (my personal favorite): http://www.theapolloprogr...m/elliottearlsblog2.html
He's a professor at Cranbrook. The catalog I got from them about their program for after May 2011 (they only have masters programs) informed me that they only accept 7-8 graphic design majors a year. Needless to say, he's one of the best.

Stefan Sagmeister:

They did the identity/branding for MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) that's now recognized by the entire world. is a pretty sick blog. is a good blog, but it's mostly design/digital art as ART rather than design as problem-solving/advertising/branding/whatever. That's fine, but your portfolio should have less of that stuff and more of clientelle work. has some cool stuff. is my favorite publication, but it's freakin' $8/magazine, but that link is to their online magazine.

What in GD are you looking for specifically? GD is kinda vague...
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