Happy 23rd Bday NikeTalk!


May 6, 2007
been here since 06’ or 07’. First thing I remember was the guy who claimed to have given “favors” for true blue aj 3’s :rofl:

Back then there were way more troll accounts. Haterboxden, purpleface, mayor, megatron, failedtakeover, the “I get bunz” guy, the PedoVamp guy.

I was a freshman in college when I joined and I’m a grown *** middle aged adult now. Feels so weird. Glad the site has survived and thrived all this time. Thank you Methodical Management Methodical Management darthska darthska solewoman solewoman and other mods for continuing to make this a website that has shaped my entire adult life

Mister Meaner

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Mar 24, 2007
Why did this collab not get made for the 23rd anniversary?
These have to come to light some day. I don’t think JB themselves can measure how the site has helped keep and grow the brand.

But I want a pack or limited series as well. Those GTex 5s are a fire NT colorway. Just redo that w/ some NT branding. Perfecto.

Can’t find my 10 year hat at the moment. 🤷‍♂️

Methodical Management

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Dec 8, 1999
Though our community has already achieved several milestones of general significance, this one, our twenty-third, is uniquely meaningful.

NikeTalk, as you know it, would not exist without #23.

If you'd met me at any point from elementary school through graduate school, and had learned even one thing about me, you knew I was a fan of Michael Jordan. Like so many who grew up around the time when MJ dominated both the NBA and the public imagination, I followed his exploits as closely as I could and coveted nearly any shoe he wore. It seemed only natural, then, that when I first accessed the public Internet I used it primarily to look up NBA box scores and learn more about upcoming Air Jordans. Eventually, I found my way to NikePark through the loose constellation of Air Jordan/sneaker sites and discovered likeminded company on its rudimentary message board. There, I met someone whose encyclopedic knowledge of all things Jordan eclipsed my own: Nelson C Nelson C . From that friendship, and our shared frustrations with the White supremacist hate speech, fraud, petty squabbling, and other toxic behaviors that plagued the unmoderated message boards and chat rooms of the time, NikeTalk was founded.

In the weeks before Nelson created NikeTalk, there was never any question about its color scheme. What else could it have been?

Had MJ signed with Adidas, or left Nike to strike out on his own, this site would not be called "NikeTalk."
Had he retired for good in 1993, I'd still have been wearing basketball shoes, but it's difficult to imagine me caring enough about the Air Pippen to be searching the Internet for a glimpse of them in 1997, much less volunteering to moderate a sneaker forum.
Had Michael Jordan never picked up a basketball to begin with, it's hard to imagine Nike - let alone NikeTalk - existing at all in 1999.

Next April will mark 20 years since MJ's retirement from basketball.
An entire generation has grown up since then.

Each of us has followed a different path to get here, but today is a reminder of where NikeTalk's journey began.

If you're into sneakers, you build your wardrobe - and your identity - from the ground up.

This was our foundation.


Much respect to Nelson C and all of the community members, past and present, whose contributions have made NikeTalk so special.

Much respect to #23.
Oct 8, 2002

(I accidentally hit post too early.)

My first memory of NT is coming here to look at Methamphibian’s(sp?) customs. Dude had me sanding down some classic AF1s :lol: :smh:. I wouldn’t touch General with a 10 foot pole. The funny thing is General is what kept me here so long. One of the funniest stories I remember from here is about some dude pooping in the shower and catching it before it hit the floor. That was probably the first time I cried laughing at something I read on the internet. I also remember a guy that was turning his Saturn SL into a Skyline. The absurdity of it was hilarious back then. In hindsight, seeing that Saturn is now defunct and you can actually get GT-Rs stateside makes it even more wild. CameronNelson was his name. Someone please give this story a happy ending and tell me he was able to get one when they dropped in the states. The money he was spending definitely could’ve bought him one. :lol:
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Jul 18, 2003
NT made me cool, lol.

Way back in the day I would get all the early information about release dates and limited releases from this site. I would show up to work and school with super exclusive stuff and everyone would want to know where I got it from. I never revealed my source haha.

"Oh these? Yea you probably never heard of them. Urban accounts only. About 3500 pairs in existence. Sold out in 2 minutes."

I was that cringey dude lolz.

This was especially helpful during the beginning days of the SB craze when I would walk into the skate shops and buy whatever I want off the shelf for retail and as many pairs as I wanted. I basically paid for all my college text books this way.. all thanks to the information here. Soon people caught on though and it wasn't easy or fun anymore. I couldn't compete with high school kids sleeping outside shoe stores for 3 days. Ya'll can just have the shoes at that point LMAO.

BUT I was rocking Supreme and BAPE back then but only the people on the WDYWT threads appreciated it. Now I'm an old man still wearing Supreme and these young kids wanna dap me up, lol.

Long live NikeTalk!
Apr 15, 2004
Man 23 years was a long time ago.
Its crazy that NT has been around this long and is still active.

I still look at all sneaker forums for news and new releases but i rarely post.
Mostly general now.

Theres a lot of good people here and im glad to be a part of this community.
Aug 8, 2003
So many great memories from this place, HBD NT!

I still have my NT shirt from back in the day, and maybe even that Neek shirt too :nerd:

I don’t even recall his story, or if dude is still around here.

NT has come a long way since Yuku always crashin, but the founders always improving this site to keep it flourishing.
Jul 29, 2005

I have a reflective NT sticker on the back window of my car. I stopped at a light and a dude in the car next to me randomly says "You on NT? Wow, that was a long time ago. Good memories ". I was so surprised I didn't know what to say. He's the first person to even acknowledge it lol. Usually you say tap tap pull... but I'm old and didn't think of it in the moment. It was just a w-t-f moment for me .

Mark Antony

Apr 30, 2010
Made me think of hopping on NT in the computer lab in HS with the giant CRT monitors. Damn. HBD NT.
Oct 8, 2002
So many great memories from this place, HBD NT!

I still have my NT shirt from back in the day, and maybe even that Neek shirt too :nerd:

I don’t even recall his story, or if dude is still around here.

NT has come a long way since Yuku always crashin, but the founders always improving this site to keep it flourishing.
Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Neek started Anti-Social Social Club.
Oct 9, 2017
HBD. Jordan brand WDYWT and Sneaker showcase in 2006, for me: The peak of my sneaker interest was 🔥

So many great collections and kicks
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