Happy 23rd Bday NikeTalk!

Oct 14, 2008
Favorite story is definitely of the Smushcalade. I remember laughing out loud reading about it in between classes in college and everyone looking at me like I’m crazy because I was literally tearing.

Release dates of the true blue 3s back in 2001 brought me here I’m glad they did.
Dec 4, 2012

Feliz cumpleaños nt :pimp:

Nereyda Vuelve Por Dios

formerly DONRE
Jul 22, 2012
On this momentous occasion i want to give a shoutout to the big ads that cover my screen on the daily. Usually the nba or llbean.

I appreciate that.
Jan 28, 2013
Niketalk and its members... have given me more valuable information... about sneakers, culture, and life... than any other resource... on the internet... and literally the entire planet.

Also... my interactions with Niketalk members.... like buying and selling shoes, discussing information in threads, and interacting via DM... have taught me almost as much about myself... as my real life interactions have taught me.

Thank you Niketalk for being everything you have been, and everything you still are.
Dec 9, 1999
If you would have told me 23 years ago when I joined this community that we would be celebrating this milestone many years later, I would have thought you were crazy. This community, although founded on a love for Nike and sneakers, has really shown so much more value. I can confidently say NT has helped me become a better sneakerhead (of course), but it has also helped me become a better human being - Truth. Cheers to 23 years, NT FAM! Thank you for always giving me something to look forward to on a daily basis. :nthat:
Jul 18, 2013
I forgot all about vampedo :lol: Those old threads used to be so side-splitting I'd just go back and read them like a good book. Crazy how much time I've spent on this site, from my days as a lurker to now an active poster, if you'd told me I'd still be here long after I actually cared about sneakers I would've doubted that, but the community that's been built here is special and I attribute that to Nelson C Nelson C Methodical Management Methodical Management and the moderation team. Thank you for building, innovating and maintaining this space for all of us for so long. To 23 more years!

Oct 27, 2002
officially been a member here since 2002, was a constant lurker since 2000 before I finally joined … haven’t posted in ages and decided to go through the general forum today and saw this post … nice to see a very few familiar NTers from waaayyy back in the day

Blessed Bday NT … I’ll take it back one time, Norcal Summit 7 and EKIN702’s wallet breaker post all the way from Ben. Baller’s analog bubble bath user name …
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