Hardest Sport To Pick Up Later in Life (Between Basketball, Football, or Baseball)

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Me and my homies were having an argument today about which sport it's hardest to pick up after childhood. Basketball, Football, or Baseball? I'm talking about someone who hasn't played any of them at all prior. I say baseball. 
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Originally Posted by 10 Piece Nuggets


Theres two hand touch for football for old timers, baseball is boring so I dont care about it.
But look at how many players who have never played organized basketball before the age of 17 that can go play in college and the pros. You can just give someone the hand-eye coordination to get a hit against a pitcher that's throwing at least 70 MPH. 
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Doesn't it just depend on the person? Everyone is different so there is no universally harder sport in terms of learning. Anyone with determination and practice can pick up a sport, but excelling in it is a different story.


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If you're talking about each sport and not variations of it I think it would be football.  Its a lot more complicated of a game, on both sides of the ball. For someone who has never played a sport it would be very difficult to simply step in to. I wont even get into taking/receiving hits.

With baseball the toughest part will be getting over the fear of the ball hitting you. Defense is fairly simple. Plus you dont have to be in the best shape, ie. theres a lot of sitting/standing around.

Basket ball would be tough from a cardio point of view. That would be a lot of running for someone who is not used to it. Also

Originally Posted by beezylocks

football, every position is different,
unless your talking about QB, i have to disagree............alot of football is athleticism

It is athleticism, but each position requires a very different skill set.
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Originally Posted by rck2sactown

Late in life as in like full grown adult??? Golf.
first thing that came to mind...taking a golf class this coming term

will definitely be useful for future business connects
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baseball? nope


although lately every white (can be a different race but that most of what it is in the gym I used to go to) middle aged man wants to become a mma fighter
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