Have you ever been too...

Dec 10, 2001
a World Series, Stanley Cup Finals, NBA Finals game or a Super Bowl? If so, what game? Just got my tickets for Game 1 and 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals and icant wait too see how crazy it gets.
didnt you get to see kobe and shaq dominate during some of those finals, i mean you even got paid to watch courtside....
game 1 of the 1999 wnba finals at madison square garden if that counts

if the lakers make it to the finals i will be checking ticketmaster over and over and over again and won't stop until i get tickets.
phillies when they won the world series, i went to all the home games in the playoffs actually it as the greatest feeling ever when they won.. place prettymuch erupted.. no better game to be at then the clinching game... only been to that one obviously Philadelphia only won one in the last 25 years haha
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