Sep 14, 2003

maybe some of you could remember me presenting shoe designs here on NT a few years ago. I'm still a big fan of this site and I check it out almost daily.

So it's a huge pleasure for me to present my first REAL shoe here, right where everything started a few years ago.

The original concept for this shoe has been presented 2 years ago for october Kicksguide.com contest, then, 6 month later, Matt Kaipuke, the founder of thisbrand new australian company, contacted me to design their first shoe. He liked that design a lot, so we decided to make it real.

The shoe is designed for the all-around type of player, providing good support and cushioning into a quite lightweight package.
The main feature is the midsole-outsole that, while employing traditional materials, is geometrically designed to provide the maximum cushioning and bestsupport.

For more info: www.hops.net.au





New wht/blk/red colorway with small updates:


Can you say k-swiss?
holdin it down for all the fat peeps on NT

Jordan III Mocha's sz 11.
Jordan IV Mars Sz 11
Jordan V Fire Red Sz 11
Jordan Spiz'Ike Black Sz 11
only look like k-swiss a little bit. I like them, especially the dark colored ones
"i will slap someone if i ever see anyone wear them and try to stunt wit them" -masterani3
High tops would have been a lil better for ballin.
looks more like a casual shoe than a perfomance shoe....but very clean.
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Not feeling the name, the design is Blah, but Congrats on getting a shoe out there lets see some more risk taking in terms of the design of the shoe!
The white/blue pair remind me of S. Carters or G Units.
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Thanks guys for the feedback!

I just want to point out a couple of things:

- k-swiss comparison...I don't think we really have something in common, but I hape we can have same selling figures :wink:

- Hi top collar: as you can see we have an asymmetrically cut collar, so it's quite similar to Jordan 13-14, only a bit on the extreme side. Your lateral malleus is really cradled by the upper shape, while the medial malleus is totally covered by the collar which is like a true hi top on that side. I think this setup is a very nice compromise between ankle freedon and support.

- taking risks on the design: the style was thought to be something clean and simple; anyway we have taken a HUGE risk in the design of this shoe, and it is the thing named "Medial Wing" you can see on the outsole-midsole. It's a performance feature designed to maximise traction and support in lateral moves through the most natural way (no stiff carbon supports), something never seen before.
From our testing we can say we have a very interesting result...try to believe :wink:

Thanks again for your comments

The white/grey pair looks great, although it isn't a mind-blowing design. But obviously futuristic was not the look you were going with a start up company. Also the cursive logo is really nice.

Are you working in Australia or somewhere else? Congrats on the new project, from one shoe designer to another.
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to keep it real I think theyre really ugly. They look cheap, and come off more as a casual shoe.

Congrats on everything though.
Not bad!

I'd like to see a shot of the medial profile to kinda check out what that medial wing is all about. Maybe a lateral outrigger would benefit as well?

I'm assuming the midsole is cm-eva? Looks like a decent hybrid type shoe, something on/off court.

Definately a good start! keep it goin!
hey congrats on all your success man. i remember when u used to post your stuff on nt and i was an instant fan. keep doin your thing
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looks like k-swiss mixed with some gil zeros
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I'm posting a couple more pics.

These are early samples (for final colorways subscribe our newsletter), the black/sand/white one shows the quality of materials employed that are not bad for sure. You can also see the lateral outrigger profile on lateral view.
In the other pic you can see the medial wing, which is like a medial outrigger portion, designed both for medial propulsion and for arc support. Having good support and traction in that area is a good plus in quick lateral moves and direction changes. You can also note the different heigth of the collar on the lateral and medial side.

About Gil-zero similarities, i can say gil-zero is a very popular shoe...but my design was on Kicksguide.com 1 YEAR before the release of Gil zeros...so it's better to say gil-zeros look like Hops :wink:

And yeah, the midsole is CMEVA, plus we have a poron coating over the whole footbed (not in sockliner), so that players that use their custom orthotics won't lose a zing of the cush feel :wink:

Thanks again and ciao
the high tops are copped! :pimp:

holdin it down for all the fat peeps on NT

Jordan III Mocha's sz 11.
Jordan IV Mars Sz 11
Jordan V Fire Red Sz 11
Jordan Spiz'Ike Black Sz 11
those black mids kinda remind me of the huaraches....theyre interesting...wanna send me a pair to test?
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i like em too
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They're reminiscent and I can see elements of the VC II & IV as well as the shox elite all sans the shox. Congrats on getting something made though
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people are just hatin becuase of production and how they were made. Guarantee if theywere made by Adidas (where I think they belong) or another brand, they wouldn't receive such extreme negative comments.

I like. For some reason I always thought shoes not made by the "big names" for performance use never looekd right, but these are damn good IMO.

I like teh his a lot more than the lows
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