Houston Flashback.....

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do yall remember this summit?..does anyone have a pic of the 1st summit in Houston.
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I was at one of the meetups aloooong time ago. It was during a jordan release at sharpstown mall, I think it was the 12's. I was at work that day and during my lunch break I went to sharpstown just to see what the deal was. There were about 10-15 dudes there with heat on. Somebody took a couple pics but I had on a shirt and tie. If someone has some pics, post em' up.

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Of course, thats some real OGs right there.
That summit was at Sidelines Sports Bar on Main R.I.P. (the monorail project ran it out of business)
It was on the release day of the Olympic VII Retros.
It was the Summer the Rockets traded for T-Mac, hence I was sporting his HS jersey in celebration.
I got a few more pics from that Summit (posted below)

alief is correct, the first Summit was at Industry Cafe R.I.P.
It was on the release day of the Blue XIIs. (a few peeps met in the morning to get these)
I dont have any pics on hand of that one.

Anyway, back to the Olympic VII Retro Summit

Who wore what?


vs Retro!!!

these have a story

OG Halo
(i still got a few somewhere)

This kids always laced

True Red SBs whoopin some monkey @#%$ in street hoops!

1-6 again
ed it!

Some Nerd showed up!

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me and my friend stopped by kinda late. That sidelines place was kinda cool too. I never knew what happened to that place the first summit was at... i guess it's gone now too. We must a be a curse.

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nice pics......thats me, i had Jedis on that day.

no pics of the 1st summit? I remember the prize was a gift card at champs. Custom blk toe 1s vs DA PE 9 lows
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hahaha oh man...
i still had a fade back then..wow..and no facial hair...
i was fresh outta high school
and i was rockin those cement iv's...
thats how i member it...but eh.. good times...
right before the sneakerfad really blew up.
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What I especially liked about these days was that it was only NTers. The last one was cool, don't get me wrong, but it was a lot of non-NTers so it kinda took away from the idea of a "summit". I guess it was more widely publicized than just an NT post is why - and the culture has expanded a bit since back then. Oh well.

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serg did you buy those linens or was that someone else i just remember someone buying them right off his feet
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Quote:[hr][/hr]serg did you buy those linens or was that someone else i just remember someone buying them right off his feet [hr][/hr]
Cause we get them Dirty deals
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Yea T bought them linens.

You guys got me all nostalgic and stuff so i started to do some digging. I found pics of a lot of past summits, some that I even forgot about. Anyways Im working on uplodaing them. And YES! These pics include the very 1st Summit at Industry Cafe!

Check out www.myspace.com\htownsneakersummit.
New Photo Albums up soon!

If you guys have any more photos to contribute please let me know.

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haha there i am again in the jordan shirt next to the XIs..i remember one pic from industry cafe, it has everyone together who attended

elboricua 6

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nice pics .. just browsing ..
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im def gonna be at the one in a week or two..
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look at oll shoemasta dude been MIA since fantastic 4 release...and those were my IV's haha
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I was at the first summit at Industry rocking the OG Jumpman print tee and the released-that-day XII white/blues. I remember Bruza and Mike and Kadoma and some other dudes. And then I had to hit up the bball summit where I met Shoemasta and Russ and some dudes. Luckily, I'll be in town on a break from college and summer school on the 12th so I'm excited about coming through and saying whats up to old and new faces. I'm looking forward to another bball summit sometime soon. Fear the 5'10" left handed whitey D3 hooper!
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Seeing those pics up there makes me really miss my Heinekens.
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