How do Vans fit?

Jun 8, 2006
They seem narrow and I have wide feet should I go with my regular shoe size.
yea they are a lil narrow but i got a 10 and i wear a size 10 in nike and jordan shoes. true for me but i have normal/narrow feet so im not sure how they will fit you.
Please hit me up if you have any of these below in a size 10 DS or VNDS:

1. Flint XIII's
2. Grape V's
3. Raptor VII's
4. Black/Caro V's
the slips on i have are all bigger (i'm usually for 10.5) but for the vans i usually get 11.5
when is enough ENOUGH?!?!
^^ i'd never wear vans but wut the hell it stretches out if it a tight fit? now i know i aint ever gon look at those
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