How Priviledged Are You? Vol Would You Like Some Scrumpets Milord?

How Priviledged Are You?

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Top Boy

formerly jay patt
Joined Feb 5, 2013

Goes better if you state your score and why.


Black and independent at 18

At least im straight.
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formerly mac4167
Joined Nov 15, 2008
Damn, -100 right out the gate :smh:

Already know I'm not privileged
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Joined Dec 11, 2010
:lol: @ doing this on a Friday or Saturday night.

Dat black right out the gate though ...

:smh: :smh:

No worries though... cuz I flex on these folks that look down on me...


Yeah... you mirin'...
Joined Feb 7, 2013
Why does being Asian give you +10 right off the bat though? You know how poor some immigrants are?
its just an approximation of "privelaged" its +10 on average for all asians. think about it, theres white trash, that should be -200 but +100 is the average for whites
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