I know I'm not crazy but...

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Sometimes when I fall asleep on my backside. I'm awakened by a strong "force" on top of me. It's weird because I literally CANNOT move a muscle when this happens. If I try to say something like "Help!" or just something out of panic, no words come out of my mouth. Most of all, whenever I try to open my eyes, I C A N N O T!

This has been happening to me since I was a teenager around 13 or 14 years old. Every now and then, it will happen but has not occurred in about two months. Does anyone know what to make of this or has it happened to you before?
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Dont know the name but happened to me last week. I dont think its that unusual tbh?
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Sleep paralysis is more likely to occur when you lay on your back. It happens to me, and I've learned to remain calm, and move one limb at a time...sorta like Kill Bill Vol 1
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Originally Posted by air max 87

sleep paralysis....

dont die
Good looking out. When I spoke to my family about this, my mom told me people die about this but before she could further go into details. I jumped up and left<<I think I was still in high school when she tried to explain.
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never happened....hope it never does

i remember the last thread...sounds super scary

i heard u see stuff too like demons and stuff

da boy boyy

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yea happened to me a couple of times already, it feels like someone is bear hugging u from the top. !*+@ is hella creepy tho.
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Happened to me on my first night in my Thailand trip. I was sleeping in my aunt's house and suddenly woke up with this black figure on top of my chest and like you said I couldn't move or talk. I dont exactly remember how long it was on top of me but it finally got off and "walked" into a wardrobe. Scary *%+* bro.
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Yeah there was a big thread on this. Crazy stuff in there. It's only happened to me once when I was a kid. Woke up, everything was pitch black and I couldnt move. Just closed my eyes and went back to sleep.


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have u ever played the Ouija Board???? i hear about this but it never happened to me.... sleep with a TV on and a cross around too, and dont sleep on your back.
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It's because you woke up while your muscles were still paralyzed. For the most part our core muscles stop working because if they didn't, we'd act our our dreams. Which is a different sleep condition. I've had it happen to me a few times and now that is freaky as hell
Woke up in the middle of my room and it was just trashed, I thought a tiger was after me so I was throwing stuff at it and what not.
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its sleep paralysis, but in the country they say a "hag" is ridding you. Never happened to me but it use to happen to my brother and dad all the time. So stop sleeping on your back.
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Originally Posted by Nawth21

Woke up in the middle of my room and it was just trashed, I thought a tiger was after me so I was throwing stuff at it and what not.
Im sorry, but I found this really funny
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posting to read later its happend to a couple of friends of mine they say they can see a black shadow in the room when it does happen.
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Oddly enough.. this happens to me at least once or twice a month. My girl says when it happens, my body becomes stiff and rigid, almost as if i'm having a seizure.

Sometimes, when I am finally able to open my eyes, or my muscle loosen a bit, I jump up out of the bed and look around. It really does feel like something is holding you down. Feels odd

And about the seeing stuff..I've never seen anything to my knowledge, but it just feels like something is right there. %@* is creepy as hell
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It's sleep paralysis. Some people actually see things when this happens. Happened to me before. There was a long post about this last year or two years ago. It's crazy... I have a story to tell...
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