I need help with my computer.

Jan 4, 2008
I was on here and everything jus became big all of a sudden.How do I make it regular?
It's not working,when i press control and do the - or + it makes the inside smaller or larger not the whole thing.
is it your whole computer or just internet explorer? if it's just the internet go to the % thing in the bottom right corner and change it back to 100%. ifit's the whole computer's display in general go to control panel and change your display resolution settings.

on another note...i dropped my laptop the other day. it ran absolutely perfectly before, but now it slows down from time to time like i have to wait up to aminute for a random window to close or change. also, if i try to shut down, it'll say it's shutting down for over an hour. i end up just pressing andholding the power button until it shuts off manually. anyone know what's wrong with it? what could fix it and about how much would it cost? or could i do asystem restore and somehow magically fix it?
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Alt + F4

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