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So I'm eligible for a hardware upgrade with my cell provider. I currently have a 3G, I was wondering if I should go for the 3GS or go for a BlackBerry (Tour?). I like my iPhone but I seen some of my friends with BBM and it looks kinda cool. I guess maybe I just wanna switch it up? People who've owned both please give me your opinions. 
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its the apples vs oranges of cell phones.

i have had both a BB and an iphone and i honestly enjoy the iphone more. even though blackberries just feel uber cool to have.
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i sold my 3g to get a bb tour and after 2 months with it i sold the bb to get another iphone...you can do way more with an iphone...the blackberry was mad boring.
Apps Ftw!

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I must be missing out on the Blackberry experience since I never use BBM.

It just depends on your needs and wants. I don't have a need for an iPhone, and the BB 9700 is perfect for me.

Play around with your friends BB, see if you like it. If you get tired of it you could always sell it and just get an iPhone again, not the end of the world.
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Thanks for the comments. I did some research and if I was going to get a BB, it would be the 9700, not the Tour. I tried my friends BB but they all have 9000s. I DO like the trackball on the 9000..... I don't know. BBM sounds cool and I actually do more messenging/email than gaming/apps on my phone. It seems like the BB is for me, but I can't get over how small the screen looks compared to the iPhone and how much cheaper (at least the 9000s) feel in my hand. The smooth, heaviness of an iPhone makes it feel almost like a block of gold
. I might just go for the 9700 on my upgrade and keep my current 3G incase I wanna go back to the iPhone experience....


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I'm a huge BB fan. All my friends rock the iPhone. I just could never get into them. I prefer a physical keyboard. Touchscreen keyboards just aren't me.

The only knock against BB is the OS. RIM really needs to get with it on OS 6.0

Android and the iPhone OS are making the BB OS' look prehistoric.
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Only bad thing about a BB is there are so many updated to keep up with it seems like to me * shrug *
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