Jay-Z, America's Most Overrated Rapper?

The Master and The 18th Letter are both garbage.

DJ Ransom
Same sword they knight you with/they might goodnight you with/
That just the half if they like you/thats not even if half that they might do/
Dont believe me ask Michael/see Martin/see Malcom/you see Biggie/see Pac/see success and it's outcome/
See Jesus/see Judas/see Ceasar/see Brutas/
see succes is like suicide/ suicide its a suicide/if you succeed prepare to be crucified...

Jay-z is the greatest rapper of all times no matter how much some try to ignore it... and deep down inside even his haters know it, thats what aggrivates them even more.

Hov got flow though he's no Big and Pac but he's close/
How Im supposd to win when they got me fightin ghost.

Peace God, word is bond!
Jay-z is wild overrated but not as overrated as grampa Rakim cuz imo Biggie n Big L are both better than gramps and jay
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Lil Wayne, America's Most Overrated Rapper.
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I dont concur because for every fan dude has like 10 haters.
We are the dreamer's dreams.
We are what you're fighting in the dark
When you are fighting the unseen.​
I say he's a little overrated but he IS nice..."America's most overrated rapper" is reachin'..Weezy gets that title..easy imo
"don't let the dress confuse things...the only thing sweet is the music"​

i agree hes not the best of all time, but that fool just wants his article to be read and went way too far
Good, even though it's sometimes sidetracked, always, repeat: always triumphs over evil​
jayz is way overrated, 2pac> Jayz, the only reason why dues on here always hype up jay on here is cuz most of NTers are from the east coast, but come down to the south and when do yall ever hear jay on the radio? only hit song i heard was big pimpin and that was cuz rap legends UGK were on there if not that song wouldnt have hit down south as hard as it was, but def jay is way overrated in my opinion and is not on the top 5 of best rappers.
ut come down to the south and when do yall ever hear jay on the radio?

I'm not really a Jay fan like that, but who gives a I SH about the radio???????
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