Job Openings??


Dec 16, 2003
anyone kno of any job openings, maybe where you work or help those of us unemployed get a jump start.
How Bout Dem Cowboys!!![/
I got a tip stop looking for work on NT.But really what kind full/part time how old are you any skills, what exactly are you looking for???

~Chris ...??? i think thats the mans was telling me about it. You start off with no less than $12/hr and you'll probably answer phones and help people with internet problems.

All you need is a resume, clean piss, and a good interview and you got the is looking for a lot of people for some reason.
The Real.
most likely a new excuse for them to charge those ridiculous rates they charge

Team DC/MD/VA​

Yall was takin too long, so we had to do it...
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you got ds size 13 foot patrol air stabs? get at me​
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