JoeBuddenTV: VIBE's Rap Bracket


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The stoneface at Prodigy is sooooooooooo .gif worthy.

Joell: "MC Hammer is 17, do you agree wit..
Joey: NO!

Didn't even let the man finish


formerly diplomat tdot
Joined Jun 26, 2002
The end of Joe Budden TV.....

UPDATE: After this went up, I got an e-mail from
These last few months been good, but I decided not to continue JBTV due to various complaints. So JBTV will be shutdown May 15,2009 untill further notice. I will still continue to post videos on my Youtube acount if you are interested. Thank You

Basically, it means no more JoeBuddenTV but there will still be clips.


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Great stuff, I thought it was funny as hell.

Why he goin at my dude Juve though. Why he goin at Pat, Red and Meth though?

I'm a big Buddne fan butuh...Meth>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Joey

Aside from that I agree with just about everything.
Joined Oct 6, 2006
the way he's looking at it is if they put a rapper in front of him, and they had to battle, who would win.

ex. the method man example he made at the end

IF that was the case, YES Joe Budden would beat 80% of that list. I don't think thats what VIBEs intentions were tho
Joined Aug 2, 2008
I mean you can have an argument with the Will Smith being on the list for impact as an emcee... BUT BOW WOW?

Worst list ever.
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